What makes a good remake?

You know we’ve been talking about remakes, sequels, prequels and re-visualisations for sometime now, and the general view is that it’s a lazy practice resulting in some really poor and often totally crappy movies. Yet we’re not giving a lot of credit here, because look at Batman Begins, Harry Potter, … [Read More]

John Reviews Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Title=Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Summary=This is the first Harry Potter film that I can say I walked out of thoroughly impressed. This is a WONDERFUL film. It’s not perfect, and there is still room for improvement, but you will have a great time watching it. I’m happy to recommend it.

Richard reviews Where the Truth Lies

Title=Where the Truth Lies
Summary=Superb performances from Kevin Bacon and especially Colin Firth. A good story, balanced away from a climactic ending, the enjoyment of this movie is in the performances of the actors and the understanding of the characters and their relationships. Amazing production design. Well worth watching.

Richard reviews Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Title=Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Summary=Superbly written movie with Kilmer firing out a fantastic performance, even outshining Downey who is excellent, Kilmer’s lines are fantastic. The use of narration is innovative and very engaging. An excellent movie that warrants a couple of viewings. Slight difficulty in hearing lines and following action early on, but it doesn’t taint the movie and makes you feel like revisiting it.

Richard reviews The Constant Gardener

Title=The Constant Gardener
Summary=Strong story with a great ending and a huge agenda. Unfortunately there’s style overload and both the agenda and the moral ending could have been toned down slightly to make for a much better movie. It also seriously needs an injection of pace to retain the audience attention. Weisz is superb in this, with Huston firing in another superb performance as a close second. A beautiful view of Africa in some of the scenes.

Richard reviews Initial D (Tau man chi D)

Title=Initial D on DVD
Summary=A good movie that really centres around the drift racing scenes which are superbly filmed and put together, there’s also great use made of the DTS track during the racing. The extras aren’t that strong and more around the cars and the racing would have been much better, and in English too.

Richard reviews Freaked

Title=Freaked on DVD
Summary=A bizarre, absurd and funny movie. The DVD offering is packed with extras including an audio commentary and a full movie rehearsal, both very interesting to watch. The comedy is furious and off the wall, and a surprise to see from Alex Winter. Great performances from Randy Quaid and Keanu Reeves.