Marvel reveals upcoming films at Comic Con


During the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, Marvel revealed their upcoming lineup of sequels and anticipated new character films. With the revealing of this news they also showcased the logos for the films along with their titles. While some titles are apparently obvious like “Iron Man 3,” there are some that provide a little insight towards where the films’ stories will be going. Take a look at the gallery below.


Via: Empire Online


So we now have a release dates but what I found to be the most interesting was the title for the “Captain America” sequel. It is common knowledge that Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) had signed on to appear in more films even though he died in the first “Captain America.” In the comics Bucky becomes the Winter Soldier so it seems to be pretty obvious that Sebastian Stan will be the villain in the next film. The question is how much of the film will take place during present day and how much of it will be flashbacks? Since it has been confirmed that it will take place after “The Avengers,” I am guessing that Bucky will have to have been in some sort of suspended animation.


The other title that I am stumped on is “Thor 2: The Dark World.” I did not read much Thor growing up so I only know a summation of details. The title doesn’t reveal much to me other than the fact that the battles may be taking place in another realm. I might need your help on this readers, tell us what you think!

The next Fantastic Four film has a writer


The new Fantastic Four film looks like it is a go. After recently signing Josh Trank (Chronicle) to direct the film, a newcomer named Jeremy Slater has been giving the task of writing the script.


Fox is really hustling with its Fantastic Four reboot.
Just days after putting Chronicle director Josh Trank on the project, the studio is finalizing a deal to have Jeremy Slater write the script.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter


It seems like the comic book movie cash cow may never dry up as long as Hollywood is able to reboot film after film. Although we are hearing about multiple reboots, I think this comic book movie would benefit the most from a reboot. The Fantastic Four are probably one of the most significant teams in the Marvel universe, possibly even bigger than the Avengers based on their influence on significant events. The last two films did not do them justice in my opinion, and things need to be a little bit more “adult” and less campy. Hopefully this film will do them justice and fix the mistakes made in the previous films.

Trailer: Indiana Jones is finally coming to Blu ray


The last highly anticipated saga that Lucasfilm released on Blu-ray was the “Star Wars” saga which had quite a few fans disappointed. Lucas decided to make some major edits to the original “Star Wars” films without giving us the option of viewing the original cut. Lucas’ next great success was the “Indiana Jones” saga (with the exception of Crystal Skull) and it looks like the fans are finally getting the entire saga on Blu-Ray. Hopefully there won’t be any drastic changes to the original film and the fans will get what they want. Take a look at the trailer below for what will be coming.


Via: Slash Film


I love Indiana Jones and I am a Blu-ray addict. I can’t wait to see Dr. Jones kicking some ass in 1080p, as long as they have him shooting first…haha. I don’t foresee Lucas making changes to the original film and I hope that if he does he will give us proper viewing options so that we can view both the original and the film with his edits. Start making your reservations now as it will be releasing September 18.

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Director: Marc Webb
Writers: James Vanderbilt (screenplay), Alvin Sargent (screenplay)
Stars: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
MPAA: Rated PG-13

Synopsis: Peter Parker searches for clues leading to his parents’ disappearance which in turn introduces him to Dr. Curt Connors, his father’s former partner. Along the way a laboratory mishap changes him into Spider-Man, a crime fighting, spider-like superhero.

The film opens with an abrupt introduction to a young Peter Parker and his parents fleeing their home after Peter’s father Richard finds his office ransacked. Peter’s parents drop him off at his Aunt May (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben’s (Martin Sheen) home where they give him an upsetting farewell and are never heard from again. The film quickly flashes forward to a high school version of Peter (Garfield) living with his strong willed and nurturing aunt and his wise and outgoing uncle. Despite having these strong parental figures Peter is very much a frail social recluse. Even though he is frail, he makes up for it in heart as he attempts to defend those who are picked on at school, himself included. His continual feud with Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka) reiterates this character trait as Peter continually defends the would be victims of Flash and ends up taking the beating instead. The continual punishment and bullying are a couple of the many factors that push Peter to an introverted state where he focuses on his hobbies of skateboarding and his fascination with science. These interests, combined with a curiosity surrounding the life of his father leads him to Oscorp which is where his father worked as a scientist. While posing as an intern, Peter is able to sneak into Oscorp but is quickly recognized by the lead intern, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who decides not to reveal him if he stays out of trouble. Peter of course sneaks into a restricted area in hopes of discovering more about his father’s work, leading him to a room of spiders. Gwen quickly discovers him and forces him to leave as he is bitten by a spider.


Garfield & Stone definitely have chemistry

With the exception of the quick introduction of Peter’s parents, the Spider-Man story has been told. The story of his powers and coming to terms with them has been told multiple ways with a similar origin through a variety of films, TV shows, cartoons, and comics. What sets this film apart from the rest is not the origin story but the characters surrounding it. Andrew Garfield defines the “Amazing” in “The Amazing Spider-Man.” He plays every aspect of both Peter and Spider-Man perfectly and has no trouble with the duality of the role. He brings both a new level of emotional depth to Peter and finally a confidently sarcastic humor to the role of Spider-Man.


Emma Stone, as Peter’s love interest Gwen Stacy, is an unexpected surprise. I was expecting a witty role similar to the characters I usually see her play but I was definitely able to see Gwen rather than Emma by the end of the film. She plays a very subtle type of sexy in the film that adds to the chemistry with Garfield. They have a few intimate moments throughout the film but it plays to the “less is more” factor by showcasing their growing desire for one another.


The one role that I was not impressed with was Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors. Once he changed into The Lizard, I saw no need for Dr. Connors. I expected a Jekyl and Hyde type of portrayal but instead just received Hyde and Hyde inside Jekyl’s body. The parental figures of the film all had smaller roles but their roles were just as significant as the main characters’ roles. Sally Field was not very memorable as Aunt May, she stood firmly and quietly in the background throughout the film. She portrayed the character well and her dramatic scenes were significant to the development of Peter, but she had very little screen time to truly discover who this version of Aunt May was. Martin Sheen however had a strong presence on the screen. His role of Uncle Ben is key to the foundation of Spider-Man but on top of that he provided a stern voice of reason and light moments of humor that established Peter’s superhero persona. Uncle Ben is Peter’s true reason for becoming the Spider-Man we know and Sheen’s portrayal made me see why. Dennis Leary as Captain Stacy was another surprise to the movie. He had a stern demeanor about him and a sense of duty to uphold the law but you could also see the loving father in him. Leary was able to be both a father and a leader as Captain Stacy and also provided Spider-Man’s sense of justice to overshadow his sense of vengeance.


Andrew Garfield’s performance is exceptional

The characters may be the backbone of the film, establishing roles that capture our interest, but the overall cinematography and action sequences are what makes this film a necessity to see again. Spider-Man’s action scenes are fluid and extremely well choreographed with a mixture of acrobatics and Parkour like movement. What I liked most about these scenes is that they made sense. The fights were natural (as natural as they can be) for two super powered rivals. The Lizard played to his size while Spider-Man played to his speed making the battles very entertaining. I would also recommend seeing this film in IMAX 3D, the action shots work really well in both 3D and the IMAX format. I actually thought the first person shots that were seen in the trailer would be a little “cheesy” but they were a welcomed addition to the film. The mixture of camera angles kept me on my toes and added to that heart-pounding action. The 3D was the best I’ve seen this year and as much as I hate to say it…I liked the 3D shots better than “The Avengers.” The 3D depth was extremely smooth and did not strain my eyes in the least. It was captivating watching the small dust and ash particles, and with the multiple camera angles, it made you feel like you were in the film.


Overall I was extremely impressed with Marc Webb’s version of “Spider-Man.” The biggest attribute of the film was Andrew Garfield and I pray for a sequel to see him reprise the role. The one drawback was having to retell the story that so many people know but this was a remake so it had to be done. The movie had a list of captivating characters, visually stunning scenes, and heartfelt heroic moments that remind us why we love Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man – 8.5 out of 10.

A familiar story with an amazingly new adventure…

❤ Chick Flick Friday – Review: Magic Mike ❤

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Written by: Reid Carolin (screenplay)

Starring: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, and Matthew McConaughey

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Synopsis: A male stripper introduces a younger man to the life of male stripping while trying to achieve personal success.


Ladies (and Gentlemen) Chick Flick Friday is back and my manhood has been pushed to a breaking point. After viewing the male meat fest known as “Magic Mike,” I think any man points that were remaining after my review of The Lucky One have vanished quicker than the clothing of the stars of this film. Accompanied with the loss of my manhood comes an internal list of inadequacies after continually seeing the subtle smiles and sighs of my girlfriend sitting next to me during the film. As usual I will provide my take on the film along with a couple excerpts at the end from my girlfriend for our female readers.


The Review:


He Says:

Clothing optional Bro…
The film wastes no time getting to the nudity opening with a backside shot of Mike (Tatum) getting out of bed which is quickly countered with a topless shot of geek crush Olivia Munn. Although the trailer is plastered with excessive strip routines, there is more to this film than female eye candy. The film does cater to a female audience with frequent male nudity but that is offset with an adequate amount of humor and a plot that has some substance. The strip scenes are more laughable than sexual putting the male viewers’ awkwardness at ease. In between the strip scenes are the incremental building blocks of an intriguing plot and some interesting character development. Adam’s (Pettyfer) introduction to Mike and their relationship development is fast paced along with the rest of the story and other character building moments in the film. They are introduced working together on a project for one of Mike’s many day jobs. This introduction of course leads to an impromptu career move for Adam into the world of male stripping and taking on the name “The Kid” due to his age and initial coy nature. Mike is the central character of the film and there is little character development time for the rest of the supporting cast unless they significantly affect Mike’s storyline. Adam is Mike’s protege and is almost like a reckless younger brother that Mike continually bails out of trouble. He is seduced by the greed of the business and explores more dangerous ways to earn money, which of course causes repercussions for Mike. Adam’s sister Brooke (Cody Horn) has a few moments of screen time to develop the relationship with her brother and to show her reservations and curiosity regarding Mike. She is also the reason why Mike feels more obligated to watch over her brother. Her bits of conversation with Mike help to develop the daytime version of Mike while the strip routines are a continuous reminder of his night life splashed with a bit of humor. Dallas (McConaughey) is the owner of the strip club and his purpose is to show why and how Magic Mike was formed. He also provides the conflict and struggle that prevents Mike from achieving his entrepreneurial desires by utilizing Magic Mike’s popularity to expand his club. The plot and character development are intertwined, which should be obvious with the main character’s name being the title of the film. The fast paced development of these characters and the plot could be conveyed as a lack of key elements of the film but it’s not. If you pay attention to the sequences you will see that the pace of the film is set by the nature of the job. Juggling a night job and multiple day jobs leads to a fast paced personal life for anyone and I believe that is what Steven Soderbergh is trying to show in this film. Even with the tempo of the film, I still found the plot easy to follow and interesting.


I have a no shirt clause in my contract…
Channing Tatum’s performance as Magic Mike is his best performance yet. Besides the fact that Tatum has experience as a stripper, I think that the role highlights his best attributes. The role of the stripper exudes confidence, which Tatum definitely has, but the role he played outside of his stripper life was what I noticed. His character’s emotional conflict was portrayed effectively when needed and what I noticed most was the real nature of his conversations. Part of the credit should go to the Screenwriter for this, but the way his responses were formulated were very much like a person speaking from an intensely emotional state. In that state, a real person does not have consistently eloquent responses, they speak in fragments and with error, much like Tatum did. The supporting cast either gave a lackluster performance or were not present on screen enough to merit an evaluation. Alex Pettyfer comes off as timid and reserved playing the role of “The Kid.” These characteristics work at the beginning of the film as it fits his initial role but as his character grows, his lack of range as an actor is shown and Pettyfer slowly drifts to the background. Cody Horn is disappointing as Adam’s sister Brooke. There is a moment where she has an emotional breakdown and it is so excessive that it is almost laughable. I don’t believe most of the strong feelings she has in the film because it seems to be difficult for her to convey emotion in this role which also makes her relationship with Mike appear to be lacking something. McConaughey’s character Dallas is a lot like the stereotypical McConaughey that we all know which makes this a simple role for him to play. He is of course shirtless consistently and also speaks with his slow southern diction. Dallas’ attitude is much like McConaughey’s attitude and he even has multiple scenes playing the bongo drums. He wasn’t bad in this role, he just seemed like he was playing himself. The rest of Dallas’ team have an extremely small amount of screen time, so small that it makes their performances difficult to review. Matt Bomer is lost in the background and maybe has a few full sentences that are spoken throughout the film. Joe Manganiello has a little more screen time but his time is mostly devoted to his strip routines. He is mostly eye candy for the ladies. Overall the poor performances and lack of screen time did not take focus off the main character Mike, which is the focus of the film.

It’s like Platoon, except we’re all naked…


She Says:

If you are a female and don’t leave smiling there is something wrong with you. It’s the perfect movie to see on a night out with your girlfriends. There’s a great story but the eye candy for the girls is phenomenal. There were times where I literally had to stop my jaw from dropping because the men looked so good. The strip routines focus on multiple themes. Dressing as cowboys, firemen, cops, and military men, these men would fit into any woman’s fantasy. I would rate it an 8 for the story and a 10 for the men.
– Emily


Final Thoughts:


“Magic Mike” is a film that has something for both genders. While females may enjoy the strip scenes, there is a male chauvinist’s sense of humor that is frequent throughout the film. There were many laughs mixed with concise dramatic moments. The film is fast paced but it is justified by the lifestyle of the characters within the film. There were a few bad performances from some of the supporting cast but the focus was Tatum’s character and his performance was solid. The film was not like I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed it…well, not that thoroughly…haha. If you can get past the fact that you are surrounded by a theater of horny females, I think you will enjoy what this film has to offer.


Magic Mike – 7 out of 10.

An intriguing and laughable film that surprisingly caters to all sexes…


Now on to the man point scale. After reviewing The Lucky One, I somehow managed to get back to 9 out of 10 man points. I think Erik gave me some back for completely bashing the film…haha. I decided that I should lose some man points for liking a film based on male strippers but there is a shot of Olivia Munn’s boobs which I enjoyed so I added a point for that. I’m sure our readers and our staff won’t be as kind…haha.



8/10 Man-Points remaining


  • Ryan deducts 2 man points for enjoying a movie about male stripping.
  • Ryan adds 1 man point for finally getting to see Olivia Munn’s boobs.
  • ‘Magic Mike’ flash mob on the ‘Today Show’


    The next installment of The Movie Blog’s “Chick Flick Friday” is coming this Friday with a review of “Magic Mike.” With the release of the film coming June 29th, the amount of media coverage for the film has been on the rise. An unexpected publicity stunt came on the “Today Show” where Channing Tatum staged a surprise flash mob for the film. Take a look at the clip below.


    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


    Whether you love him or hate him, Channing Tatum is on the rise due to his selection of high publicity roles. I did think the flash mob was a funny and intelligent way of promoting the film. It follows the same tone and feel of what the film is being made out to be. Look for our Chick Flick Friday review this Friday for a more in depth perspective of the film with some added humor.

    Andrew Garfield hopes to star in the Spider-Man sequel


    “The Amazing Spider-Man” is just about to be released and Andrew Garfield has already confirmed that he is interested in reprising his role for the sequel.This could be a film that puts Garfield in the blockbuster category for the first time. It is already receiving some early positive reviews but this may be one of the most competitive years for Summer blockbusters. With the release of so many anticipated films and “The Amazing Spider-Man” being released in the same month as “The Dark Knight Rises,” there is a chance that the film may not reach the numbers the studio is expecting.


    Andrew Garfield, who portrays Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s reboot of the superhero film franchise, tells THR, “If we do one, I hope I can do it — I hope they’d let me do it. I hope so.”
    “That suit has always been a symbol of something for me,” Garfield says of Spider-Man’s famous skintight, saving-the-world costume. “Whenever I think about that suit, it makes me feel protected and warm and safe, like I’m free. It’s always been that way since I was three years old. And that relates to the ‘orphan feeling’ of feeling unprotected and unsafe. So putting on the suit, having any affiliation with the suit, is an honor. Because it’s such a symbol of wonderful hope and goodness.”

    Via: THR


    I love it when an actor/actress is passionate about an iconic role they are playing, it’s a sign that they will put their heart into the performance and please the fans. I have yet to see the film but I already prefer the look of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker to Tobey Maguire. I think that I will also prefer his performance but I will make that judgment after screening the film next week.

    Trailer: Celeste And Jesse Forever


    A trailer for the next Andy Samberg movie “Celeste And Jesse Forever” has just become available. Samberg recently announced that he would be leaving Saturday Night Live to pursue a film career and this may be his attempt to show his range as an actor by doing an indie romantic comedy. Take a look below and tell us what you think.


    Via: Apple Trailers


    This looks like a very “cookie cutter” indie film. Although most indie trailers follow a similar format, this one looks like it is more methodical than most and honestly doesn’t look interesting. I like Rashida Jones and from the trailer it looks like she will get most of the screen time. This is a smart move because I don’t think Samberg is at a point to entirely hold his own. It’s hard for me to take Samberg seriously given that his humor is very goofy compared to other comedians. Usually I feel that [good] comical actors are an untapped resource and they often surprise us in their dramatic roles but I don’t see Samberg as one of them. I hope he can prove me wrong but as of right now I’m not interested in anything he’s doing.

    Ryan’s Rant: Talking in the Theater…Shut the F*CK UP!


    I don’t know you are and I don’t know why you’re talking. If you’re looking for conversation, I can tell you I don’t have the patience. But what I do have, is a particularly short temper. A temper that has built up from a long period of movie-going, a temper that makes me a nightmare for people like you. If you shut up now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you…but if you don’t…I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
    – Ryan Brown
    From his upcoming film, Taken: The Talkative Movie Viewer


    Do any of you feel like this when you go to the movies? My rant stems from a screening for the movie “Ted” that I attended recently but my hostility towards the subject has been present for as far as I can remember. Knowing “Ted” is a comedy, I expected the crowd to be a bit more lively and to hear their random outbursts of laughter accompanied by the occasional short commentary. A comedy, like all other movie genres, is meant to invoke the audiences’ emotions related to that genre and I would hate to inhibit anyone’s emotional response to a scene, but there are moments for those responses. The person sitting next to me was attending for a reason other than to watch the film. Not only was he consistently talking throughout the film, he was speaking at a normal conversational level that everyone could hear. When someone doesn’t even have the courtesy to whisper, it shows they have no regard for the film and no regard for the people around them. My mind went blank and I harshly used some expletives telling the person to be quiet. At this point I was so angry that I was actually hoping for an altercation so that I could unleash every bit of mindless rage and gain satisfaction from some vigilante justice, but instead he chose to keep quiet and leave the film early.


    Now I may be a short tempered individual but I’m not alone. I am pretty sure that there are many more people like me rather than the non-confrontational, calm and collected individuals. Chances are, if you are someone who likes to excessively talk during a movie, you are probably surrounded by a group of people that came to the theater for a couple hours of stress relief and quiet who could snap at any moment. With that being said, talking in the movie theater could be more dangerous than you think. If you do a search for violence and death related to talkative movie-goers, you would be surprised at how many results would turn up. So for your own personal safety and for the safety of others, I suggest you just shut the f*ck up!


    Here are a few added tips/suggestions for you talkative movie-goers:


    1. If you have to have continuous conversation in a movie theater then you are wasting your own money. I suggest you wait until the film is available to rent so that you can pause the film as needed and save a few bucks.


    2. As important as you may think your commentary may be during the film, it’s not. You had nothing to do with the film nor any credentials that would make your commentary of any value. To have any sort of valuable insight you would have to be fully engaged in the film…which you are obviously not.


    3. If the film is not interesting enough for you to follow then you should keep quiet and wait for it to get better or leave. You are wasting your own time if you’ve already decided you do not like the film and time is money.


    4. If you have to check your cell phone constantly then you are an addict and you need help. I know you feed off the urge to update your Facebook or Twitter status in hopes that someone will care but honestly…they don’t. The only one that does care is you, the person who is checking every minute to see if someone has commented. If you can’t step away to enjoy a movie for a few hours then movies just aren’t for you.


    5. Die in a fire…we all hate you.

    New images for Breaking Dawn Part II show a more ‘grown up’ Bella


    We just received some new images for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II” and Bella looks to be a lot more mature. I think she actually looks less pale as a vampire than as a human. With this final installment of the franchise, there is much speculation as to what will happen now. The images below show Bella adapting as a vampire, Jacob’s semi pedophile type relationship with Bella and Edward’s daughter, and the repercussions to come from the birth of Renesmee.


    Trailer: Taken 2


    The “Taken 2” international trailer has become available today. For those who have been following the film’s progress, the plot will revolve around revenge based on the aftermath from the first film. Take a look below and tell us what you think.


    Via: JoBlo


    I like Liam Neeson as an action star. He plays the role of an ex special ops agent well and has the look. I do think that the plot will be lacking compared to the first film but the action sequences should make up for some of it. The reuse of lines and scenes were a little painful to watch in the trailer. Making the same phone call to his daughter is so redundant that it stole my focus from the trailer. I know they have to have someone being kidnapped or the title wouldn’t make sense, but it makes me slightly cringe seeing the similarities. I think if you go into the film expecting some “cheese” and just look forward to seeing Liam kick some ass then the film will be entertaining.

    Teaser: Monsters University


    A teaser trailer for “Monsters University” is now available. “Monsters Inc.” was one of the most successful Pixar films and there has been talk of a sequel for quite some time. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think.



    I think a prequel is a much better idea than a sequel. I loved “Monsters Inc.” but I thought it ended at a point of closure. I am happy to see the next installment in the series is a prequel rather than a sequel because it’s a more interesting story learning about the main characters’ past. The college aspect of the film should be pretty funny, especially with Sulley and Mike’s relationship. The film is slated for release in June 2013.

    Jim Carrey is no longer attached to the ‘Dumb & Dumber’ sequel


    Jim Carrey seemed excited about working on the sequel to “Dumb & Dumber” but it looks like undisclosed issues with New Line and Warner Brothers drove Carrey to leave the project. Sources say that it was the studios’ lack of enthusiasm regarding the project that drove Jim Carrey away but I’m sure the details are much more elaborate than that.


    A sentiment seemingly reinforced by a statement exclusively obtained when ETOnline reached out to the actor’s publicist for comment. In addition to confirming the story, Carrey exclusively tells ETOnline, “I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer, after all it’s implied in the title.”

    Via: ET Online


    It’s a shame that something couldn’t be worked out. “Dumb & Dumber” is classic Jim Carrey comedy and probably his best comedy in my opinion. Even though sequels usually fail to surpass their predecessor, I think this one had the potential to do so being that it’s a comedy. As time progresses, films continually have less censorship with what they can do. It would have been interesting to see how far The Farrelly Brothers would have gone with their humor and if they would have revamped the film for this generation. Even if they decide to move forward, there’s no way it would be a true sequel without Jim Carrey.

    First look at Angelina Jolie in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ prequel


    Today we’ve got the first look at Angelina Jolie in the “Sleeping Beauty” prequel “Maleficent.” With the popularity surrounding fairy tales right now, it’s obvious that “Sleeping Beauty” would be thrown somewhere into the mix. The plot actually sounds very similar to the Broadway musical “Wicked” where it is told from the antagonist’s perspective. In “Wicked” they retell the “Wizard of Oz” story from the wicked witch’s perspective and the witch is more of a victim than a villain. I am curious to see if they will go that route with “Maleficent” which is scheduled for release in 2014.

    New posters for ‘The Campaign’


    We have just received some new posters for “The Campaign” starring Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis. The poster with the baby in it makes me think that the “baby punch” scene from the trailer will be one of their signature scenes. The film has the stereotypical Ferrell and Galifianakis humor. Galifianakis looks to be using his alter ego character, Seth which has been seen in a lot of his ‘Funny or Die’ sketches and Ferrell looks to be going with a mix of Ricky Bobby and his version of George W. Bush.


    These characters have had many faces…who played them best?


    With all the reboots currently playing, coming soon, and in production, I thought it was only fitting to bring forth the discussion of “Whose done it best?” There are many characters in film that will remain timeless and should not be forgotten. In order to ensure that these characters are not forgotten (and to make sure the money keeps rolling in…), the studios start to bring these characters back to the big screen with a story usually adapted for the current generation. So today I give you my picks for the best of the best character portrayals…and hope you will provide your opinions as well :)



    Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk:

  • Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno – “The Incredible Hulk (TV Series)”

  • Eric Bana – “Hulk”

  • Edward Norton – “The Incredible Hulk”

  • Mark Ruffalo – “The Avengers”


    I figured with all of the attention still surrounding “The Avengers,” why not start with Dr. Banner. First, I’m going to eliminate Eric Bana because I don’t think his version of Bruce Banner encompassed who Banner was. The Hulk and Banner were meant to be based on Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde and I did not see the split in the movie “Hulk.” Next I will eliminate Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno. As iconic as Lou Ferrigno is as the Hulk and how memorable Bixby’s Banner was as he’s hitchhiking down the road, Bixby was less of a Bruce Banner than Norton and Ruffalo. Bixby was even given the name of “David” to make the Banner name more macho, which somewhat eliminates the frailty surrounding Bruce Banner and redefines the character. The decision between Norton and Ruffalo was a tough one. Norton was Banner for me and I had my doubts about Ruffalo outperforming him until I saw “The Avengers.” The one thing I saw lacking with Norton’s Banner was him showcasing his “Doctor” side, there were few moments where he actually displayed the scientist aspect. The reason I liked Ruffalo’s Banner was because he had the characteristics that I was looking for in Dr. Banner. He was recognized for his intelligence, he was quiet and reserved, and his Hulk resembled his Banner counterpart the most out of previous Hulks. It was a tough decision but Ruffalo had the characteristics that I thought identified Bruce Banner the most.


    Winner: Mark Ruffalo



    Bruce Wayne AKA Batman:

  • Adam West – Batman (1966), Batman TV Series

  • Michael Keaton – Batman(1989), Batman Returns

  • Val Kilmer – Batman Forever

  • George Clooney – Batman & Robin

  • Christian Bale – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises/h4>


    I’m going to take Kilmer and Clooney off the list because the Director of the films starring these actors (Joel Schumacher) publicly apologized for how bad the films were. If even the films’ Director acknowledges a poor portrayal of Batman, I think that is reason enough to eliminate the actors who played them. I think everyone can agree that Adam West’s portrayal was “cheesy” even for his time. West established the first popular presence of Batman on film but his role was comical at most. The choice between Keaton and Bale is a tough one, they both have portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in different ways that I enjoyed. Keaton’s character seemed to have more focus on Bruce while Bale’s character focuses on Batman. Keaton played a more mysterious Bruce Wayne while Bale’s Bruce is more of a “yuppie.” Bale succeeds in playing a more dominating Batman because Keaton’s focus on Bruce always had me seeing a rich man in a mask. My final decision came down to the metaphorical meaning of the character’s mask. In Keaton’s portrayal, Batman is the mask and Bruce is who he is while in Bale’s portrayal it is the opposite where Bruce Wayne is his metaphorical mask and his true identity is Batman. I would almost consider my choice to be a tie except for my belief that Bruce Wayne died the day that his parents did and has been Batman ever since.


    Winner: Christian Bale



    James Bond:

  • Sean Connery – Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger…etc.

  • Roger Moore – Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun…etc.

  • George Lazenby – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  • Timothy Dalton – The Living Daylights, Licence to Kill

  • Pierce Brosnon – Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day…etc.

  • Daniel Craig – Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall


    Ian Fleming’s “James Bond” has been a character that every man has wanted to be. He is suave, cool, unbeatable, and has unparalleled sex appeal. There have been many that have played him and every actor who has played Bond added their own character traits. I think the only actor that didn’t make the impression on the character would be George Lazenby because he didn’t establish the “tenure” that the other characters did being the only actor out of the group with one movie to his name. The next to cross of my list would be Timothy Dalton. I know he’s underrated, he’s said to give the closest performance to the literary Bond, and he has a strong fan following, but he hasn’t had the cultural impact that the other actors have had. Roger Moore would be the next off my list. The reason being is that I think he waited too long to take the role. In fact he didn’t even want the role initially, hence why Sean Connery was the first to get the role (excluding the various earlier appearances I didn’t include on this list). Pierce Brosnan was the first Bond that I got to see in the theaters and his movie Goldeneye was more than a movie once it was immortalized in the same titled Nintendo 64 game. Brosnan brought the suave and cool nature back to the role that Connery originally established. I think part of the reason that people were so hesitant about Daniel Craig coming into the role was that Brosnan left such a legacy behind. I think it was a pleasant surprise to see how well Craig did. I wouldn’t say that Craig was above Brosnan because Brosnan had more of the James Bond charisma but Craig brought a more ruthless nature and we got to see a more action packed Bond. After looking at all those who portrayed Bond, there is one that stands out among the rest. Sean Connery went as far as to redefine Ian Fleming’s idea of Bond with subtle bits of humor and a sense of arrogance without being pompous. Many parodies choose to emulate Connery’s Bond over all others and I believe that he is the one that gave Bond the “cool” that people love.


    Winner: Sean Connery



    Clark Kent AKA Superman

  • Kirk Alyn – Superman (1948)

  • George Reeves – Adventures of Superman (TV), Superman and the Mole-Men

  • Christopher Reeve – Superman I -IV

  • Dean Cain – Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV)

  • Tom Welling – Smallville (TV Series)

  • Brandon Routh – Superman Returns


    Superman is probably the most well known comic book hero and one of the first to transition from the pages to film. The first film was in 1948 and starred Kirk Alyn. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the first film but from what I remember, Kirk Alyn was not as iconic as others to play the role and not nearly as successful. The first big film success came from George Reeves’ portrayal of Superman in the TV series and in smaller films. As popular as the TV series was, it was most popular among children. It was Richard Donner’s “Superman” films that made the film adaptation popular among children and adults. Not only was it Donner’s films but the new face of Superman himself, played by the iconic Christopher Reeve. Reeve was the physical and mental embodiment of Superman and his role has partially defined the character we know today. Since Donner’s films two television series have arose, “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and “Smallville.” I liked both series and watched them regularly. I liked Dean Cain in “Lois and Clark,” although the “nerdy” persona of Clark Kent was replaced with a more suave and attractive persona. They continued to play the sex appeal card in “Smallville” and although I liked the series at first, the storyline got to be exhausting. I know there is a huge fan base for Tom Welling as Superman but I thought his acting range was very limited. Finally there was the film “Superman Returns” starring Brandon Routh. I liked Routh and thought he had many characteristics that reminded me of Christopher Reeve. I believe Routh admitted he was attempting to mimic Reeve’s Superman which he did well, but I think that shows the powerful effect that Christopher Reeve had on all of us. I can’t think of anyone that has been a more inspirational Superman than Christopher Reeve. Henry Cavill will be the next to play the role and it’s going to take a lot to push Christopher Reeve out of his throne.


    Winner: Christopher Reeve


    So there it is, my picks for the “Best of the Best.” I know there are many other characters that could be on this list but many are limited to only two actors playing the role and most were an obvious choice as to who defined the role. I wanted to create a list that made the elimination process much more detailed with a greater variety of actors which is why I chose who I did. I hope that we can hear your perspective on who you think should be the winner…and don’t be afraid to be blunt in telling me how wrong you think I am…haha.

    Six Stars send out heartfelt messages to their fathers


    I was reading through the news today and came across one of the most heartfelt articles over at Guardian Films. When we look at these celebrities on the big screen they seem so far from our reach. It’s hard to imagine them having the family interaction that we all do, but after reading these personal messages, it really puts things in perspective showing that they each have their idols as well…their fathers. Please take the time to read what they had to say and go read the full article.


    Danny Devito


    My father, Danny, didn’t get to see my kids. He died 28 years ago…
    You get that rush of being with your dad, going places, even if it’s just shopping or to the movies. We used to fish a lot, my father and me….
    My father taught me to know what I’m doing and be prepared…
    I still miss him. There’s that emptiness that you have to take with you. But that’s part of being a human being…


    Helen McCrory


    My father, Iain, knew no gender differentiation. He was raised in a household where his parents shared the housework…
    As an adult, when you see your father with your children it reminds you how he was with you…
    There’s a lot of laughter when Dad’s around. He taught you to laugh at yourself because he laughed with you, not at you. And he had the ability to teach you independence and security…
    I owe everything to my father. He’s still waiting for the cheque…


    Oliver Stone


    My father, Louis, was an honest man – a Wall Street broker in the 30s through to the 60s. He worked until the day he died. That’s a rare breed….
    The best advice he ever gave me was: “Communicate. Simplify.” I think that’s as good a piece of advice as any…
    “Going into movies is crazy,” he would say. “You aren’t going to make a dime…”


    Sam Worthington


    When I was 19 and about to go to drama school my dad, Ronald, had a heart attack…
    After Avatar, I said, all right, where do you want to live? He said Tasmania, so I bought them a house there. But they’re never there … they say it’s freezing and they go on holiday to hot places…
    The best thing my dad ever did for me was when I was finishing school. I was doing a bricklaying apprenticeship because I wanted something to fall back on. He put me on a plane, with $400 in my pocket, and sent me to the other side of the country and said: “Now work your way back…”
    Success is good because it has not only changed my life, it has changed my dad’s life too…


    Olivia Wilde


    The stories from my dad’s family history are inspiring. I think that’s why all us kids in the family feel really driven towards greatness – and not in a conventional way…
    One of my fondest memories of Dad is the summers we spent in County Waterford, in Ireland, where we had a wooden fishing boat with an engine…


    Thomas Haden Church


    My mother had a few other ill-fated marriages when she was young, after my biological father. Then she met my “dad”, who was the only “father”, other than my maternal grandfather, that I ever knew….
    He was on a military salary, with three children of his own, when my parents conjoined their families. He immediately took on three more mouths to feed, along with my mum. He was very disciplined. He taught me that if you’re going to commit to something, then follow through…
    I told my parents that more than likely I was going to move to Los Angeles. My mother was very opposed to the idea but my dad said: “Look, this could be a folly, but if you’re really going do this, you owe it to yourself to completely commit. Do everything you have to do to understand the industry, not only as a craft and an art, but as a business…”
    I’m a fairly careful person, and I owe that to my dad.
    There’s a Texas saying, though I don’t know that it originated in Texas: “You gotta earn your spurs every single day.” My dad is that guy.


    I thought these messages really said something about these stars. Even though they each had a different relationship with their fathers and some had a different definition of what a father is, they all owe quite a bit to their dads. Make sure to take the time to let your fathers know what they’ve done for you and if you’re a father yourself, make sure that you be the best for your kids. Again, I highlighted some of my favorite parts so please go over to Guardian Films and read the full article.

    Trailer: Pitch Perfect


    You can always tell when a “film fad” has begun and while the Zombie and Vampire trends have lost some steam, it looks like musicals are on the rise. I’m not talking about the musical originals like “Chicago,” I’m talking about cover songs being sung with a choir club twist. With the success of the show “Glee,” Hollywood is milking the “cash cow” for all it’s worth. Check out the trailer below for the latest movie to follow this trend, “Pitch Perfect.”


    Via: Yahoo!


    Okay so Anna Kendrick is in this? I’m a little disappointed, yes she’s done “Twilight” but it was a minor role. I’m hoping this is just “one for the studios” because I think she has some potential from her roles in films like “50/50” and “Up In The Air.” As “Rock of Ages” focused on 80s music, “Pitch Perfect” is sounding like it may be focusing on the 90s which may heighten the success of this film if “Rock of Ages” does well at the box office. I don’t see this film performing too well, but it did bring back some memories when I heard “No Diggity.” If I saw this film I would be hiding in the back row of the theater with a hoodie and sunglasses reminiscing about the 90s as I quietly hummed along…haha.

    Hugh Laurie in talks to play Robocop villain


    It sounds like Hugh Laurie may be the villain in the upcoming “Robocop” reboot. Hugh’s most notable role is that of Dr. Gregory House on the hit TV series “House.” With such a limited big screen presence, it is hard to see Laurie as anything other than Dr. House but I have no reservations about him playing something outside of that role.


    House star Hugh Laurie is in negotiations to take on the role of the evil CEO villain in Jose Padilha’s (Elite Squad) reboot of Robocop. Laurie is a great actor who’s got everything it take to play a great villain, I’m surprised he has had more villainous roles in his career.

    Via: GeekTyrant


    Maybe it’s because I have seen Laurie play a drug addict on “House,” but I see him playing more of a “strung out” yet intelligent leader of a crime syndicate. Again I don’t doubt his abilities to play the role he is given, I’d just prefer to see Laurie on the streets rather than an office setting.

    First Iron Man 3 set photo


    There has been a lot of discussion on the next Iron Man movie since all of The Avengers hype but this is the first time we’ve seen an actual set photo. Thanks to our friends over at Geek Tyrant, we now get a first look at Tony Stark’s armory. In The Avengers movie Tony’s latest armor is the Mark VII armor and from the picture seen here I don’t see any new additions. From a previous post we know that the “Iron Patriot” armor will be in the film but I have no idea how that will tie in. My guess is that since they are working in the Extremis storyline and they have already incorporated the Neo Power Bands from The Avengers, that they will most likely stick with Mark VII. Let’s hear the readers’ thoughts!