Top Questions on Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Answered

Certified Master Black Belt professionals are considered the gurus of process excellence. They know everything about Six Sigma methodologies and can efficiently solve problems by improving processes and performance. They are also highly-skilled coaches and mentors who can teach others how to identify any process that goes wrong and how to immediately fix any issue.

If you manage to obtain the Master Black Belt accreditation, you secure your ticket to having a strategic role in your company and will increase your chances to become a future leader in your organization. As you can conclude, MBBis the ultimate credential that you can achieve to leverage your career. Does it sound exciting? If you want to be a well-paid professional, you should keep reading this article as we will provide you with answers to the most important questions on this badge.

How Do You Know If Master Black Belt Cert Is Right for You?

As we already mentioned, this accreditation is not for everyone. If you are a beginner, then you should definitely look for not so advanced certifications. On the other hand, if you are in the stage of your career when you target an excellence and leadership role, then the MBB credential is exactly what you need. It will help you prove to your managers that you can have a critical role in your organization and you can improve their business’ processes and motivate teams. Also, the training process is very challenging and it will help you grow both personally and professionally. You will learn a lot about Six Sigma methodology and transform you into a master of applying its tools and features. So, if you are passionate about these concepts and you target the leader position in your organization, then the Master Black Belt accreditation is exactly what you need.

What Are Requirements to Take Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification?

If you want to be eligible for this credential, you will need to meet some strict requirements that vendors announce. If your qualification body is ASQ, then you will need to hold their Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Also, you will need to have a strong portfolio that will be validated by a team of experts. The portfolio must include at least 10 successful projects developed with Six Sigma Black Belt techniques. If you haven’t developed so many projects so far, you can compensate for this requirement by proving that you have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a role of a Six Sigma Black Belt professional or MBB guru. These minimum requirements are mandatory to be achieved if you want to be considered eligible to take the exam for the Certified Master Black Belt accreditation.

What Exactly Should Portfolio Include?

Your portfolio will be reviewed by a team of experts who will search for concrete evidence on the following topics: teaching, mentoring, coaching, technical experience, innovation, and responsibility, and occupational experience. The experts who will be evaluating your portfolio have also obtained the ASQ CMBB certification. Thus, they know exactly what they should check and how to score each item of your portfolio. In case you obtain the minimum score on each of the before-mentioned pillars, you will receive a confirmation letter from the judges. This letter clearly mentions that you are eligible to take the MBB assessment. In case you don’t meet the minimum score, you will still receive a feedback letter where you will have all information on why your application was rejected and what you should do to improve your portfolio. This letter will not only help you make your portfolio better but also gather the necessary evidence to prove the team of experts that you are the right candidate to take the ASQ MBB assessment.

What Are Topics Included in MBB Body of Knowledge?

According to the vendor, if you want to obtain the CMBB badge, you should be prepared to answer a set of 110 questions on the following topics during 5 hours 18 minutes:

  • 20 questions on enterprise-wide planning;
  • 20 questions assessing your knowledge of organizational competencies for deployment;
  • 15 questions on project portfolio management;
  • 10 questions on training delivery and design;
  • 10 questions about mentoring and coaching responsibilities;
  • 25 questions on analytic methods and advanced data management.

What Is Value That ASQ CMBB Certification Will Bring to You and Your Organization?

A Certified Master Black Belt expert is unarguably a valuable asset for any organization as he/she brings a lot of added value in the business process. This skilled professional can mentor and coach others in the organization and teach them everything about Six Sigma concepts. Also, as you will need to recertify every three years, you will be constantly updated with the latest trends and technologies. Thus, your organization will work with a professional who can bring the newest tools and concepts to improve their processes. Finally, you will need a strong portfolio of projects to be considered eligible to take the MBB assessment. This means that you will need to implement them in your organization and improve their performance while adding more successful projects to your portfolio.


The ASQ Master Black Belt accreditation is the ultimate credential that you can add to your resume to help you occupy a leadership position in your organization. It helps you consolidate your knowledge of Six Sigma topics and become a key employee in the company you are working for. By succeeding to get this credential, you show that you reached the highest level of professional maturity and can be trusted as a mentor or coach in teaching Six Sigma concepts. 

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