Famous Movie-Star Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

Does life even get any better than having a dog for a best friend? Not only do dogs fill our real-life days with love and joy, but they’ve also made more than just a couple of star appearances in some of our favourite movies. Dogs make for memorable experiences, and that’s exactly what these guys (and girls!) did. 


Who can forget the beloved St. Bernard pooch that starred in the beloved 1992 production, Beethoven? Named after the famous piano composer, our pooch Beethoven is accused by a vet of being no more than a vicious animal. But his loving family, instead of going the worst route possible, decides to do everything in their power to save their beloved family dog from some very harmful hands. And, thankfully, they do. 

Clifford’s Really Big Movie

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a larger-than-life animated Golden Retriever. Sweet and kind and amazingly large of heart, Clifford ends up joining a travelling animal show in the 2004 animated classic. Clifford ends up having to paddle his way out of quite a bit of comedic muddy trouble. His character is of course based on a series of children’s books authored and illustrated by Norman Bridwell. 


No homage to famous movie-star pups would be complete without honourable mention being made of Frasier’s Eddie Crane. Eddie, a Russell Terrier of the Parson breed and variety, is an unmistakably crucial member of the Crane family and the cast of the popular television show. He was as popular as the online Bingo NZ has to offer, and he appeared in dozens of episodes.

The Queen

Corgis – of course! Five corgis stole the show in the 2006 drama film production proposing to tell the real story behind Queen Elizabeth II’s supposedly volatile relationship with the late Princess Diana. Only a handful of actors starred in this particular production, among whom counted a handful (literally 5!) of corgis. 

The Artist

Meet Uggie – the second Parsons Russell Terrier on our list of canine movie stars. Uggie – unfortunately by now late Uggie – stole the hearts of all who crossed his four-footed path during  his time starring in the 2011 French film, The Artist. The film, produced in black and white, tells the romantic story of new love between a famous star and an up-and-coming young hopeful. As for Uggie in real life, the precious pooch lived to be a grand old 13 years of age. He sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015. 

Legally Blonde

Who can forget one of the best dressed and glammed up canines in show business? Bruiser was the absolute star of the show in Legally Blonde. The beloved Chihuahua actually turned out pretty low maintenance, even despite the glitz and fame bestowed upon him by Elle Woods.

Bruiser ends up playing a leading dog’s role in helping his mistress and best friend Elle get over the loss of former love-interest Warner. He even proves an absolute star in helping her make friends at law school. What a supporting star!

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