How to make new friends on campus when you are a freshman and an introvert

Entering college or university is a big step in your life that brings along big changes. Your environment and social circle are different from the ones you knew, so you have to adapt to it. Obviously, it is easy for outgoing people to find new friends and feel comfortable in a completely new company of classmates, but not everybody is like this, and more private, reserved students may find this part of the freshman year to be quite a challenge. Here is how to navigate your new social life if you’ve found the brilliant and simple suggestion, “don’t be shy”, to be of little help. 

Try speaking to a new person every day

As big of a deal as making small talk may seem, it’s actually not. If it‘s too hard for you, try coming to class a few minutes before it starts, so you’ll have a relatable topic for a conversation. Besides, it will feel more comfortable than being in a crowd, because not everyone comes to the class on time there will be fewer people there. Also, a good way to establish new connections is to talk about the class when it is over. A discussion about your common responsibilities won’t feel forced for either of you. 

Spend time outside of your dorm

In college, your life is limited to attending classes and doing homework. However, you can still go to places in your free time, or combine these short excursions with your studies. You can work on your assignments in a coffee shop or library, and while there’s no obligation to talk to anyone there, these locales will give you better chances of finding new acquaintances than you’d get in your dorm. Besides, if you do meet new people and end up forgetting about the homework you were supposed to be doing on your computer, you can catch up with it with the help of a good college essay writing service


The chances of clicking with someone are always higher if you have common interests or views. So, if you want to build connections with people that are interesting to you, you need to cultivate your own interests in the first place. Volunteering is a great way to not only improve your community but to find people that share your views. Plus, the atmosphere in volunteering communities is friendly and accepting, so it will be quite easy to approach your peers.  

Find an extracurricular activity

This works just like volunteering does. If you happen to have free time during your first year or there’s some club or section that resonates with your interests, you should definitely go for it. First, it’s always nice to do the things you like. Second, participation in such activities will look good on your CV. Third, such clubs are usually less formal than classes and created for people with similar interests. So, you don’t have to fill the time with small talk, especially if you don’t see the point in it. There you can find a companion for a meaningful conversation and be sure that they’ll understand and share your passion for something. 

Don’t miss the entertainment events

The college has a lot of entertainment events created for students and, usually, by students. The main purpose of such events is to bring students together so they can socialize, have a good time, and have some rest between their assignments. If there is a concert or party happening soon, you can try and find a company to go there together or meet new friends when you arrive. Such an idea may seem wild for an introvert, but there is a chance that you’ll find a friend that dislikes huge gatherings as much as you do. 


Friendship doesn’t happen to introverts instantly. It takes some time to form trust or attachment to someone, so you probably shouldn’t expect a miracle. However, what you can do is be a part of your class or group project, showing both your personality and your knowledge. Gradually, you’ll feel more comfortable in your group, when you get to know them and they get to know you. So, don’t panic if it doesn’t happen the moment you enter your college.

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