These Black Widow Characters Worry Me

As of today, Marvel Studios has pushed back their entire phase 4 slate due to the current pandemic. Black Widow is no exception with its date going from May 2020 to now November 6, 2020. Despite the delay relay, that situation isn’t really what I’m worried about. Please be advised, there may be some mild spoilers if any of these concerns pan out to be true, so consider that your spoiler alert just in case.

Black Widow Concerns Video:

When it comes to Black Widow, I’ll admit that I’ve probably set myself up by having similar to expectations for the film to be like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I am NOT saying Black Widow is going to be as epic as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but I do believe that it should carry a very familiar feel/vibe given the spy thriller genre that both films share. So to me, that means Black Widow should have some similar potential to deliver some compelling plot twists and surprises. With that said, what has me concerned about Black Widow has more to do with some of the characters in the film and how they’ll affect the plot.

3.) Melina

First up will be the character of “Melina” played by Rachel Weisz. In the comics, her character is known as the “Iron Maiden”. Obviously, Marvel Studios could change her story, but given how coy Rachel Weisz has been in recent interviews about her character, odds are that she will be some type of antagonist in some way shape or form. I don’t think she’ll be the major villain or anything. However, in the comics she was always jealous of Natasha, and they had their feuds. So my guess is that Melina will turn on Natasha in some way. My concern here is that if Marvel goes this route, it may be a bit too obvious. We’ve already seen this happen with the Winter Soldier who was later revealed to be Bucky. Granted, a Melina reveal may be a surprise to non-comic fans, but I just hope that Marvel finds a creative way to unravel this twist.

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