7 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed When Playing at Japanese Online Casinos

As the popularity of iGaming continues to expand along with the rapid technological developments these days, the online casino experience is not only getting more enhanced but has also become more accessible than ever before. 

Despite this, a lot of individuals still reject the idea of playing at online casinos for fear of getting ripped off by shady online casino operators.

Indeed, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of online casinos available for every online player’s disposal, but not all of them are trustworthy, much less worth your time and money. Unfortunately, there are a number of rogue casinos that exist to scam or rob users of their money, and these are the types of online casinos that you will want to avoid. 

With this in mind, before putting your real money on the line here are some useful tips to consider, in order to keep your experience when playing at a Japanese online casino a safe and enjoyable one.


Do your homework first before signing up at an online casino.


You don’t just sign up at the first online casino you come across on the web and instead decide to sign up at a particular site only after you’ve done enough research. Checking if the gambling site is fully licensed and regulated is one of the first things you should do. In most cases, casino operators display their licensing information at the bottom or footer of their site. 


Check if the site is backed by reputable software developers.


One of the best ways you can ensure that you’re playing at a site that offers fair gameplay and results is by checking the gaming software utilized by your chosen casino. The most reputable casino sites are backed by industry-recognized and independently-licensed game developers such as Playtech, Microgaming, and Evolution, among several others.


Try contacting the casino site’s customer support department.


The casino’s support team can be a real deal-breaker. Head over to the casino’s Contact Us Page and try contacting their customer support department. Trustworthy online casinos generally have reliable and easy to reach, professional support team.


Never skip reading the casino’s terms and conditions, including their bonus wagering requirements.


While we know that reading wordy T&Cs and site rules can be boring, it’s one of the best things you can do to keep yourself well-informed and to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. The site’s T&Cs are where you can find the details about the casino’s offerings, how they operate, and other rules that you as a site user must know about.


Read online/customer reviews.


It’s a good idea to set some time to read quality and trusted online casino reviews, as well as other players’ reviews about your chosen online casino. This way you can get more information and other perspectives from others’ firsthand experience to help you come up with a smart decision.


Watch out for the signs.


Below we have listed some of the common dirty tricks pulled off by rogue online casinos that you should be aware of:

    • Sudden Delayed Payouts
    • Non-Payment of Players’ Winnings
    • Too Good or Too Big A Bonus Offer
    • Unfair Games
    • Unclear Rules or Predatory Terms and Conditions
    • Lying About Licensing/Regulation


Go over the site’s payment methods.


The most reputable online gambling platform provide their users with a wide array of secure and convenient banking options for transferring funds to and from their online casino account. Don’t forget to check if there are processing fees involved, the minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals allowed, and the timeframes needed to complete any deposit/withdrawal transaction.

Have Fun, But Do Remember to Gamble Safely!

Getting scammed when all you want to do is to have some fun while playing casino games online sucks. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid playing at online casinos altogether. As long as you are careful when picking the right online casino and consider all the tips we’ve listed above, you’ll find that it isn’t actually as daunting as it first seems. 

To make it easier for you, our team of casino experts at Casino Rank have done all the hard work for you and tested a myriad of Japanese online casinos to find not only the most trusted and safest but also the best casino sites for Japanese players.

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