5 Interesting Movies to Binge-Watch During the Lockdown Phase

Getting bored? Well, it’s not just you. We all are getting fed up with the extended Coronavirus lockdowns, and the best way to beat the boredom out of it is by playing some free online slots or completing a movie marathon. Whether you are re-watching your old-favorites or checking out the ones that you have always longed to watch but couldn’t because some other priority popped up, now is the time to consume content. And, we have some pretty good ones up our sleeves. Just tune in to your preferred platform – Amazon Prime, Netflix or Apple Movies and binge-watch them one by one. But before that, let’s reveal the list of must-watch.

Must-watch Movies This Spring




This movie is a work of fiction, which revolves around a similar pandemic, we are facing today. It’s so relatable and the scenes are so familiar with the moments we are going through right now that it will truly give you goosebumps. This well-researched movie will not just keep you at the edge of the seat for 106 minutes but will also bring out in crystal clear words the importance of social distancing.  However, the key takeaway from this incredible must-watch is the way how Matt Damon heroically dealt with the situation.





It should be in the bucket list of every movie buff who hasn’t watched it yet. An Oscar-winning film with the plot revolving around a family in extreme poverty, the tragicomedy portrays the foreseeable collision when the eldest son is introduced to a wealthy family for a tutoring job. You should watch it as it’s not just wickedly funny but also humane, tense, frightening and thoughtful.



The Big Sick


Not many movies score a 7.5 in IMDb, do they? Well, this one does, so it’s got to be in your bucket-list during the lockdown phase. If you are into both the genres- romance and comedy, then it’s a fresh blend of both, serving watchers with down-to-earth humor and a messy relationship between Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon on a platter.


The Platform


Netflix has introduced us to some of the best movies of all time, of which ‘The Platform’ is one. Watch it if you are up for an entertaining thriller and a politically charged up plot. Apart from subtly capturing the intense class struggle, it also portrays the scenario when a system fails to cater to the essentials of people.




You can’t deny but agree with the fact that the year 2020 has indeed brought some of the best movies for the movie buffs. Emma, a British comedy, from Jane Austen’s novel bursts with romantic tension and takes you back to the era where staring at people from a 5 feet distance was in and touching them was out. Watch this period drama on Apple Movies during the monotonous lockdown phase and go down the memory lane of the classic love stories.

Cheer Up!

This too shall pass. And, if the idea is to enrich your pastime, then you can also play free online slots from your mobile. No download or registration is necessary for players to bet on the best titles, including classic slots, fruit machines, progressive jackpot-based ones, and video slots. But the ideal thing would be to club both the activities during the lockdown to make your idle times cheerful and take it up a notch.

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