Movie Themed Slot Games

Movie-themed slot games offer unlimited fun, huge prizes and lucrative bonus to enhance your online casino gaming experience. With an array of games to choose from, right from scary films to action-packed casino movies, the choice is always yours. Here are some of the movie slot games to keep you entertained. 


Bridesmaids is also an amazing movie-themed, five reels and 30 pay line slot game. It is developed by Microgaming and IGT. When playing, you get to interact with the movies main 6 characters including Annie, Helen, Megan, Rita, Lillian and Becca.  

When you find the bridesmaids, you earn varying coin amounts. You earn up to 300 coins for finding Rita, Megan and Becca; 450 coins for finding Helen and Annie and 750 coins for finding Lilian. 

The slot comes with exciting features including scattered cupcakes awards that offer a 200x total bet. You only need to hit three scatter symbols on the screen to activate the wheel bonus. You can win Friendship free spins, flying high free spins, boutique bonus, choose your 10 favourite moments from Magic Moments and find a bridesmaid and have the power to replace base game symbols. 

The Justice League 

The justice league is an exciting game developed by Playtech. It is based on DC comic universe, 2017 Warner Brothers Movie featuring superheroes. In the slot game, you get to interact with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) among others. The slot offers exciting features including 6 unlockable superhero modes, huge jackpot prizes because the game is part of the popular DC superheroes Jackpot slot series. Therefore, you can win one of the four jackpots on any spin. This game is a must-play if you love superhero movies that are feature-packed. 

Tomb Raider

Tomb raider by Microgaming is a sensational game that allows you to enjoy unique Lara Crofts experiences as you play. Lara gets adventurous and braves dangers in the movie slot game as she resembles the image in the original tomb raider computer game. There are great opportunities to enjoy huge and exciting bonus rounds per gaming session. The standard jackpot comes with 7500 coins. With Tomb Raider, adventures come in handy allowing you to enjoy the thrill and the power of winning great awards. It is movie-themed slot game not to be missed. 


Gladiator is a powerful movie-themed slot game based on the popular film designed by Russel Crowe. He played the role of Roman General, Maximus, who is betrayed and his family slain by an emperor’s corrupt son. Maximus later come to Rome to seek revenge as Gladiator. The movie was undoubtedly a huge success and won 5 Oscars. If you love adventure and action-packed slot game, this is a game to play as it relives the story. 

Gladiator slot game is feature-rich with 25 paylines, 5 reels, you get to interact with 5 characters from the movie including; Gracchus, Lucilla, Commodus, Proximo and Juba. With quality authentic sounds effects, original film clips, a solidifying and unique connection between the original Gladiator movie and the game, you will enjoy a thrilling gaming experience. Some of the perks you enjoy when playing this game includes; scatters and wilds, multipliers, free spins and a bonus feature. You also get a progressive jaw-dropping jackpot prize when you reveal 9 gold helmets. 


Ted is an equally exciting slot game you should explore. Its blueprint is the original teddy bear movie. Ted is superb with its great 3D graphics, original sound bites and huge bonuses. As you play, you can unlock exciting bonuses including the wheel of fortune, S-mart free spins, and Big money bonus and Bar crawl bonuses as you walk up the slot game ladder. Keep in mind that sleeping Ted can also wake up unexpected on any spin triggering other six special modifiers including Lazer gun infectious wilds, Psychedelic super spin and Beer shuffle.

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