Celebrities who Vape: Should They Think About the Consequences?

When you become a celebrity, you feel that your life would never be the same. Rumors, accidentally taken photos, autographs’ dispensing – all these become part of your everyday life. You do not have any weekends or vacations.

Popularity is heavy to carry within your entire life. However, many people say they like taking center stage. Vaping or not vaping for celebrities is one of many other choices, which influence the lives of stars more than the lives of ordinary people.

Therefore, there exist several reasons for and against, and it is better to think of them before trying to find your best vape. Measure the cloth ten times; thou canst cut it but once.


Modern life pushes you to reveal your life to the publicity. It might seem fun and cute; people feel they are needed, and that, on the one hand, might influence them in a somehow positive way. On the other hand, staring at beautifully edited pictures on Instagram and reading about ‘feeling of complete happiness’ might develop psychological complexes and make you feel blue.

However, being a celebrity brings its amendments into your life. Being exposed to journalists and paparazzi all the time makes you want to disappear. You start feeling you are being sneaked upon. That might result in a wide range of problems starting from feeling uncomfortable and to developing paranoia. People want to know everything about you. This means that a celebrity has a lot of responsibilities that come with that, an image to maintain.

Being a vaper is also an image. For some, it works beneficial; for others consuming even good vapes (https://vapingdaily.com/best-vapes/) has adverse consequences. People often criticize something that is not usual for them or something that seems to have a negative influence on their offsprings. They do it because that is the way to protect their children for them. Therefore, Snoop Dog uses the best vapes, and his rates go high. However, could you imagine any actress that plays a Disney Princess vaping? This would cause a lot of criticism and disapproval because people feel that children might look up to such personalities.

Participation in an advertising campaign “Best Vapes to Buy” might have negative consequences both for society and for a celebrity. Of we talk about society, that is, undoubtedly the message about the acceptance of bad habits that a celebrity sends to the audience. People start feeling more comfortable with using good vapes; they do not pay much attention to the possible negative effects for their health, they want to be in fashion, and that is it. When we talk about the celebrity himself/herself, vaping might bring the wave of disapproval, and it would be much more difficult to find a director for a movie stars or to negotiate about the concert for a singer. The reputation is the first thing that gets damaged in such a case.


Being a celebrity also means having a hectic schedule, which, in turn, causes neurotic problems, stress, depression, anxiety, etc. So, a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression. That is what you would be trying to avoid by making your friends and family a regular part of your life, especially as you age. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for a person with a terrible sleeping schedule, an unbalanced diet, and constant pressure from the side of publicity.

When you vape, you get some other problems with health as well. Even the best vaping devices can influence your mental activities and physical health badly. If you already have some health issues, you need to know how to handle them. Also, remember that they can take time to be cured, which might not fit into your tour schedule. For example, one of the effects are big headaches triggered by nicotine. That means that you will have to find some time to see the doctor and get a prescription for something to substitute nicotine.

The most common health issues that might be caused by vaping are connected to the following body systems:

Respiratory system (lung disease, asthma, narrowing and thickening your airways, etc.).

Reproductive system (reduced sperm count, impotence, infertility, some mild developmental abnormalities of the fetus, sudden infant death syndrome, etc.).

Immune system (cancer, influenza, inflamation, etc.).

Cardiovascular system (heart attack, stroke, thickening of the blood vessels, etc.).

Remember that there are no FDA-approved vaccines for nicotine. The FDA, for any use, has approved no nicotine-based oral spray or inhaler products. If you are vaping, be sure to always use a vaporizer or other vaping device, and make sure that you keep it out of the reach of kids.

The general conclusions about the pros and cons of vaping for celebrities might be concluded in the following conditions:

  1. If you like smoking and others know about it), there is nothing bad about vaping for you. Read vape reviews, try several devices among recommended, and buy the best vape. Besides, you can earn some money for advertising.
  2. If you like smoking cigarettes, but it happens rather rare, and you have never been seen in public smoking, better not to vape in public as well. This might be used by your opponents and damage your public image.
  3. If you want to quit smoking but you do not have anyone to help, and you are afraid that consulting a doctor in the rehab would leak into mass media, there is a good reason to try vape for a shorter time every day to prevent you from craving tobacco. However, it also remembers to note that you might get used to vape as well. Better is to find an opportunity for at least output rehabilitation.
  4. If you are an ex-smoker, you better do not go down like a lead balloon with nicotine addiction.

From a human being, a celebrity can choose whether to vape or not. Nevertheless, the practice shows that people want to see an example in the face of celebrity. They want stars to be an ideal image. However, vaping, mostly, is out of that image.

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