6 Most Popular Hairstyles In Marvel Films

Marvel superheroes! Yeah! They can’t be uncool! It’s as if their sexiness, appeal, and charm are a natural part of their powers. I mean, come to think of it! No matter how many times Captain Marvel (the strongest Avenger) gets to be violently thrown in and out of a radioactive zone, she still manages to keep her hair in place. This is what we gladly suspend our disbelief for. What’s there for us to question further? She’s a superhero. She’s got some power. So her hair will always be in its pristine form no matter what! Doubts are cleared. Questions are answered. Simple, right?

If only it was that simple!

Because deep within your logical brain (before we get too invested on it), you can almost hear the busy buzzings of hair stylists, make-up artists, and costume designers taking turns retouching the sweaty super. Now, let’s take a hair journey and look into the 5 most popular hairstyles in Marvel films. Since hugging all Marvel movies is an impossible feat, we’ll only have to look into the most recent ones.

Get ready to be inspired by these hair getups.

When Your Hair Design Becomes Your Statement

Assigning a hairstyle for a character is not a random feat. The intensive process and intellectual dialogue between the director and character designers, a core method for extracting hairstyle ideas, take 5-8 weeks to complete.

In other words, character hair designing (in the context of character design) is truly a work of art. It has its organic processes. Hairstyles do not only have to fit into the entirety of the character’s physique but also with his/her personality, let alone the kind of power the hero emanates.

Once and for all, if you’re thinking that any Marvel film character hairstyle can instantly fit you, better think twice.

Lastly, always remember that the hair you choose to put on is, by one way or another, a statement of you.

Finally- The 6 Most Popular Hairstyles in Marvel Films

If you’re a Marvel fan, you would know how many times a character changes hairstyles per scene, or per film. You would also happen to know that Black Widow tends to have the most number of hairstyle changes throughout the MCU films.

You should’ve also noticed, and appreciated Captain Marvel’s rebonded bob during the Avengers: Endgame.

Or,  you should’ve also imbibed Tony Stark’s perennial hair and beard look. (We ‘re not going to talk much about beard in this post. But you can definitely check out this beard guide if you are into it. )

All these changes help create momentum for the characters in the Marvel films.

Now, let’s take a look at some popular ones.

Iron Man’s Blown Hair Effect or the “Mansplain!”

Tony Stark aka Iron Man (portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.)! Yeah! Just the sound of his name will surely draw out your tears. He’s got to be one of the most human characters in the MCU universe. After the Endgame, we’re quite sure most fans won’t see him the same way ever.

But before spilling out some spoilers here, let’s go back to the time wherein things were simpler. I mean, the odds were never simple in MCU, but at least, it wasn’t that “Thanos” big. Remember that time in  Iron Man 2? This is the kind of hairstyle he’s been putting on. I think it’s manly, sexy, and commanding. Fans called it the “Mansplain.” But I’d prefer it the Blown Hair effect. Because it’s literally just like jogging with a landing helicopter nearby and then calling your assistant to blow a massive amount of hairspray to its bun. There you go.


Captain America’s Blond Hair with Streaks of White

The are two types of blond that greatly define Captain America (played by Chris Evans). The 2014’s Winter Soldier blond and the layered Endgame tone. These distinctive tones may look fashionable enough to the audience, but it sure sends a deeper and darker message to the fans. We’ve all experienced how Captain America struggled with his double persona in the past, and a later persona (linking him further to Stark) at present. If there’s one thing these layered white streaks speak- that would be his inevitable fate in the end.



The Glorious Hair of Thor

Thor (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth), as a Norse god, has got so much to offer. Well, that includes his hair. His perfect Scandinavian dreadlocks or Lebowski locks (for some), not only matches his oozing charisma but also narrates his struggles in the past. Certainly, his hair has been through a lot lately. And having seen it grow to such glorious lengths is a downright relief!

And let’s not forget the sexy longer stubbles that he has always been sporting. Thor would not be Thor without those long stubbles and sexy fades.  Well, except for that wild and thick beard that he wore in the Avengers: Endgame!

You need not be a Marvel superhero to get those sexy fades. All you need is the best tool  and some practice, then you’re all set!


The Hulk’s Neat Unkempt Hair

Now, this is interesting. A paradox in the flesh. From the early Avenger films down to Thor: Ragnarok, Bruce Banner’s (played by Mark Ruffalo) hair had since joined him in all his rampage. Yet, its tousle is simply manageable, short, and strangely neat. Not to say that it’s impossible, the Hulk is truly a wonder to behold from his nerves up to his hair.



Black Widow’s Feisty Ombre

Again, this evolution of hair by Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) collects from the dark times and struggles she’s been through. Imagine losing all your friends from a single snap at Thanos’ fingers. That would be unbearable. Some dark emotions needed channelling out. And what’s closest to channelling them out other than the hair? Nothing!  Black Widow is a classic beauty yet she’s also a tough fraction of MCU history. All her hairstyles in the Marvel films tell a story.


Captain Marvel’s Quasi-Pompadour Look

Whether it’s a mere statement of power or a temporary image, we can’t help but admire mouth-open Captain Marvel’s all-powered short bob. Then Pompadour hairstyle is, of course, a classic. But seeing it showcased by a female superhero for the first time feels outright revolutionary as it’s gender-liberating!


Final Thoughts

There you have it, the larger-than-life popular Marvel film hairstyles! These hairstyles do change over time. But one thing is sure and will forever be true. These particular hairstyles marked a point and made a statement in the MCU history.


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