6 Films to Inspire Travel

Have you ever watched a film that gave you the desire to travel? From action movies to documentaries, travel inspiration from film is at no shortage. Movies have the added advantage of sound and moving picture that travel brochures and photos lack. It’s easy to picture yourself in a beautiful location, from a picturesque beach to the African Safari. To get you thinking about the best vacation for you, here are a few top films to inspire travel.

Forrest Gump

A classic favorite, Forrest Gump is full of laughter, tears, and travel. Forrest’s running expedition across the United States is a key factor in the movie and a good inspiration to get you on the road. Of course, running does not have to be a requirement. Planning a road trip across the United States is a fun and adventurous thing to do, and you can make your trip perfect and unique for you. Maybe you only have a week or maybe you have an entire summer to plan a road trip. Depending on how much time you have, you can schedule your time to hit top spots like Mt. Rushmore and the Golden Gate Bridge. From natural areas to man-made monuments, the United States is full of beautiful places to visit and have excellent opportunities for a photography vacation.


Finding Nemo

A fun and heart-warming children’s movie, Finding Nemo is set in Australia in the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney. One of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef alone is a good reason to travel. To fully experience the beauty of the reefs, you can take a diving tour to see the bright fish and coral such as the sea anemones Nemo and other clown fish call home. In Sydney you can find great attractions like the iconic Sydney Opera House and the harbor where Nemo made his escape back into the ocean.


Pirates of the Caribbean

If you’re dreaming of a tropical adventure, look no further than the Caribbean. Don’t worry, you won’t have to get acquainted with swash-buckling pirates during your trip, but you can imagine what the islands would have been like when pirates roamed the high seas. Relaxing on the beaches, taking cruises to various islands, or visiting some of the cities are all great way to explore the Caribbean. Some cities also have museums about the history of piracy and the legends of great pirates such as Blackbeard.


Lord of the Rings

The famous Lord of the Rings movies were shot in the picturesque landscape of New Zealand. Photographers in New Zealand will love the varied natural areas from mountains to coast to forested areas. You can take tours around the islands to the natural reserves or stay in the bigger cities to enjoy the contemporary style of the islands. Whether you’re traveling for a family summer vacation or as a couple for a unique anniversary celebration, New Zealand is a great place for a vacation and photo shoot.


If you’ve been inspired to go on a vacation from a favorite movie, hiring a photographer from Localgrapher is a great way to make sure your memories of this trip are preserved. You could even search for a videographer to capture the reality of the places you visit in more detail and clarity. No matter where you go, personal photos and videos are a great way to make your own special memories of your travels.

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