Dolly Parton and Dumplin’, Netflix’s New Movie

Everything Dolly Parton touches turns to gold, and the most recent proof of this is the reception for Dumplin’, the new movie by Netflix which features the iconic female country superstar on the soundtrack. She may have crooned that it’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world back in 1984’s Tennessee Homesick Blues, but this film is exactly that!

Why Everyone’s In Love

The movie is based on the Young Adult novel by Julie Murphy, and depicts the inspiring story of Willowdean Dickson, a plus-sized teen played by Danielle Macdonald. It tells of her decision to enter a beauty pageant that her mom, Rosie, Jennifer Aniston, runs, just as she is. A story that doesn’t center around a girl’s magical transformation in to someone as skinny as is socially acceptable is past due, and Dumplin’ more than delivers.

Good Tunes, Some New, Some New-Sounding

As perennially popular as the bingo Canada and the rest of the globe have reinvented for modern online players, the delightful songs Dolly has written and/or re-recorded for this title may be what hooks you. But you’ll walk away satisfied after seeing the film, too.

She’s nobody’s fool, and neither is Miranda Lambert, it turns out, as evidenced in their duet on the soundtrack. The album has both new songs and old-favourites for listeners and viewers alike to enjoy, including a wonderful new rendition of Jolene. But it must be said that Dumb Blonde, which features both singers, is something else.

The soundtrack boasts a total of six original songs, even though Ms Parton was only asked to write one, a theme song. She started work with Grammy-nominee and co-writer Linda Perry immediately after she’d been asked, however, and they couldn’t help but compose six brand-new tunes for Dumplin’ when inspiration hit and the two writers gelled. Parton said that working with Perry was a very natural process, and that once they started writing, they couldn’t seem to stop.

The living legend isn’t the only well-known vocalist on the soundtrack, however, with Aniston and Macdonald teaming up to record backup for the track entitled Push and Pull. Besides Lambert, Sia and Elle King are also features, as is stated in the press release. Dolly feels so confident about the quality of the music that she has even stated, unusually for her, that she was hoping for award nominations, mentioning the Oscars and, in her words, all that stuff.

A Very Warm Reception

Released on the 7th of December 2018, it’s already a hit, with viewers stating that they have not been disappointed, even after being caught up in the hype surrounding it.

One Twitter user spoke of preparing for the movie by listening to Dolly Parton’s music all week, and leaving the theatre absolutely inspired. She said that it’s a must-see for young girls, thanks to the wonderful positivity of the message of love at the core of the film.

While acknowledging issues like insecurity, it tackles big themes like body positivity, the strength of female friendships, character developments, and romance, and even manages to throw in a drag queen or two!

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