Charismatic Actors/Actresses

Charismatic Actors/Actresses

What makes people good actors and actresses? Is it the personality or an inbuilt talent or probably a little bit of both. People that haven’t made it yet in the film industry should read and focus on these tips. What makes a good actor/actress is the charisma.

When you are acting you are telling or rather reciting a story. The story that we read from the books or have heard about should come to life. People should be able to relate. This is why some scholars then go on to say, people are passive when it comes to the media.

That is the effect the movie is supposed to have on you. But this can only be achieved by the best in the industry. So let’s take a quick moment to appreciate the some best in the industry. People who deserve to have their very own online slots or video games.

Kevin Hart


When you are looking for comedy then you simply cannot miss but noticing Kevin Hart. I once came across some article that described Kevin Hart as the funniest man alive and that if you put one of his jokes in the example box in the urban dictionary reviewers would laugh so hard that they would forget to upload their review. Now that’s quite  the claim and certainly something hollywood execs subscribe too. Now think what you want about Kevin, dislike or like him one thing is undeniable this man is filled to the brim with Charisma, get more movie updates by visiting and have a great time!


Never Forget Madea!


Tyler Perry must be the ultimate player in the industry. The things he has managed to do over the years no one has matched up to that yet. Having to play more than 3 characters in one movie is not a joke. He is a man of many talents and I do appreciate him and so does the rest of the world.

Tiffany Haddish



Hot of the win for her 2018 prime time Emmy win in the category “Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series”, Tiffany Haddish certainly is one the watch and has been for a while. Shes not only talented but as the other thespian’s on the list she is extremely charismatic!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Now in my humble opinion it’s impossible to have a list of charismatic people within the entertainment industry and not include The Rock. This man churns out more movies than even Kevin Hart and has nearly double the social media presence. If someone embodies charisma it sure must be The Rock, can you smell what hes cookin?

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