Which Aquaman character are you?

The DC cinematic universe has been having some real problems getting started – Man of Steel opened to mixed reviews, Batman VS Superman had several plot points that were rife for mocking and it wasn’t until Wonder Woman that the movies looked to be turning around and making some progress on their presentation of the iconic heroes. But the latest movie, Justice League was beset by editorial problems and personal tragedy that lead to a disjointed release that once again put DC’s series of movies in peril. But luckily, the next film to come out looks set to right that balance with a skilled director, a great cast and an unlikely hero in Aquaman.

Ever since the 1960’s and the Super Friends cartoon, Aquaman has been seen as a bit of a joke by the mainstream media when compared to heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But in the Justice League movie, played by Jason Momoa, he came across as both heroic and cool, enough that he was awarded his own movie. Joined by the mysterious Mera, Aquaman must return to Atlantis and face his brother, Orm the Ocean Master, in order to prevent him from declaring war on the surface world for their various misdeeds. Travelling the globe to obtain sacred Atlantean artefacts, Aquaman and Mera are chased by the mercenary Black Manta and must race against time to return to Atlantis and save both worlds.

Tying into the movie is the launch of an Aquaman slot game, available at websites like bgo online casino, that offer a fun tie-in experience. To go with the movie and slot game launch, we also have this great quiz that lets you know which Aquaman character you’re the most like. If you want to find out whether you’re a heroic Aquaman or a villainous Black Manta, just play the quiz!


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