Lessons from Tyler Perry Movies

Tyler Perry is one of the most successful film makers out there. In addition to that, Madea his stage character is one of the funniest comedians that one will ever come across. It would not be surprising that soon we might have an online slot based on Madea. Moreover, when one puts these two characters in the same film, several lessons are learned. These lessons are taught amidst all the fun and amusement.

Meet the Browns, 2008

In the script of Meet the Browns, we truly do meet the Browns. A crazy normal family, like any other family out there. Despite all this madness and insanity, the audience is taught a valuable lesson. This lesson is that one should never tire of doing the right thing, no matter what the cost is.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman, 2005

Mad, not in the mental sense, but mad as in angry, if it was a cartoon, there would have been steam coming out of the ears of Helen. She was mad as hell at her husband Charles for ditching her. In this madness, Tyler Perry brought out the lesson of forgiveness. We should always learn how to forgive. Did know there lot of things you can learn from the best online casinos and stand a chance to win big

I can do bad all by myself, 2009

Taraji takes on the role of April, a ragged up aunt who has no care for her niece and nephew what so ever. Gradually, she grows to love them, even though it is a bumpy ride. The lesson that is it drawn from this masterpiece is that family and friends will always have your back. If you lose your way, your family will always be that beckon of light that guides you in the dark.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, 2011

It is not exactly a happy family, but it surely is a big one. Moreover, no one can bring a family together like Madea. She surely does bring the family, because no task is too big for good, old Madea. There are many lessons that Perry gave in this movie, but the most profound is that of discipline. Madea shows that it’s okay to slap the sense back into children every now and again. Respect is one thing that is lacking in this generation anyway.

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