Check Out Where to Gamble to Feel Like You’re in a Film

Everybody at least once wanted to be a successful casino player, just like in a movie. Nowadays, you can even play games based on your favorite casino movie online. One of the best places that offers entertainment like this is playing online at caesars. It has a big collection of games that will help you move on to your gambling career by being both profiting and interesting.

But before you start, get inspired by the best films about casino.



The first movie that immediately comes to mind when thinking of a casino, not surprisingly, is Casino. The film hit theaters in 1995 and became a hit. The plot shows two mobsters who live in Las Vegas but have slightly different goals and methods for achieving their goals. One wants to start his successful career as a casino gambler, while the other doesn’t care about careers and guides himself simply with his greed.



The second most famous film about casinos or gambling  is likely Rounders. Rounders stars both Edward Norton Matt Damon very early in their careers. The premiere  for Rounders was held in 1998, and the movie plot goes around friendship and gambling. A friend has an addiction to gambling and gets in over his head. Debt is accrued and some shady folks are out to collect. Once in debt the duo team up in order to help prevent any harm from coming to either of them by playing in high stakes poker games.  Their goal is a simple one: search for games across the country to generate enough money to pay back the debt and save their lives.

Ocean’s Eleven


Deemed to be a favorite film about casino for many modern people, Ocean’s Eleven is the third most popular movie in the list. It was released in 2001 and shows us a story of a really professional gang. They thoroughly plan and then implement the robbing of 3 large Las Vegas casinos simultaneously. The film was successfully by the sequels Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen, which also became extremely popular.


The fourth film of the list is 21 that was released in 2008. The movie’s plot shows us 6 MIT students who became specialists in card counting technique and decided to use their skills. Of course, they choose Las Vegas as their first and main target.

All the films have the heat that will keep you near the screen till the end of the movie. Films about casino have to be like that. After you get inspired by the atmosphere of Las Vegas casino gambling, it’s time to try betting on your own!

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