‘The House’ Underground Casino Where Winners Are Made

Source: The House via Facebook.

A movie starring Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell has two funny reasons why it should become a hit comedy, but The House never makes the most of the talent at its disposal. Poehler and Ferrell star as a couple who are struggling to pay for their daughter’s college tuition, and decide that the most effective way to raise money is by opening an underground casino. The audience obviously expects that things will not run smoothly, but it would forgive a predictable narrative for comedic pay-offs. Sadly, the comedy is stilted and the characters never feel real.

A comedy lives and dies on its jokes, and The House lacks any particularly memorable moments in that regard. That the characters are not well-rounded only adds to the uncomfortable viewing experience. Watching a comedy should never feel like hard work, but not even the usually winning qualities of Poehler and Ferrell can save the movie. The narrative takes a shift into a darker tone in the latter half of the movie, but never feels justified.

Source: The House via Facebook.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the premise does not resonate with viewers is that this type of casino is becoming increasingly obsolete. More people are choosing to use online casinos instead, which may not make for classic comedic fare but gives players far more convenience and choice. For example, online casinos can offer traditional favorites like blackjack and roulette alongside much more, with this PartyCasino review explaining how there are over 400 games available from this source. Therefore, the notion of Poehler and Ferrell’s underground casino almost feels archaic and destined to fail, robbing the narrative of its potency.

However, the outdated nature of the premise would have been forgiven if the comedy was strong. Poehler and Ferrell are among the leading comedic actors around. Poehler is fresh from starring in Parks and Recreation, the sitcom that Variety considered peerless on network television. Ferrell has enjoyed a successful career as the lead in a number of hit comedies, capable of both slapstick and nuanced character development. Alas, Poehler and Ferrell are unable to create a believable couple, in part because of ineffective pacing to the story. What should have been a fun ride instead became proof that The House doesn’t always win.

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