Let’s Talk about Overboard

Starring Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, this remake of the “classic” 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell movie was unnecessary, but here we are – with another remake. Directed and screen written by Bob Fischer and Rob Greenberg, and distributed by Lionsgate.

A spoiled billionaire Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez) lives a life of excess on his floating orgy boat, while Kate (Anna Faris) is a young mother juggling two jobs, kids and studying to be a nurse.

The Good

The gender switch, though currently trendy was a smart move and gave a different perspective – the comedic spirit of this switch is what makes this film watchable. The farce of the situation carries the movie (just as it did in the original) but the gender switch gives it a slightly fresh feel that would have been lacking if it were not included.

This gender switch also gives a bit of a spotlight to the gender politics currently being argued, but is much too soft to be involved in heavy weight movements like the #MeToo campaigns. It is more of a delicate introduction than a glaring spotlight on gender inequalities.

Eugenio Derbez was an inspired choice, he has a massive international following (that is not in the US) and his comedic skills are on point and are the reason why this remake works at all.


The Bad

Why make another version – really why? The original grossed a meagre $27million when first released and became a holiday movie special – not really a classic, but watchable.

The storyline line is as thin as the original, with Leonardo (Derbez) stiffing Kate (Faris) out of her pay for the carpet cleaning she does for him, and then pushing her and her equipment overboard.

“Ironically” Leonardo also falls overboard later in a drunken stupor, which his Magda (played by Cecelia Suarez) does not report.

Kate then finds out he has amnesia, goes to collect him and can take him away without any solid proof of their relationship. She then puts him to work to get the money he owes her for the carpet cleaning and equipment.

The entire storyline is thin at best, sometimes funny, but thin. Though Derbez carries the humour of the film, Faris does seem to be portraying a fair amount of glee in her “revenge”.


The Verdict

You should see it – no really. The original was just two hot actors eventually falling in love, and some action. But the remake is about two normal everyday people (okay so a zillionaire is not normal, but he becomes less frigid) growing as people and learning from one another.

Would it be as exciting as Deadpool? – No. Would you have a better time trying out some online pokies NZ has to offer – definitely. Maybe wait for the next holiday movie special – when it can become a fun holiday watch for the family.

So yes, this was an unnecessary remake of an old film, but perhaps the younger generations who love tech and trends and who would not be keen on watching a Hawn/Russell movie will like a soft rom com that has a mild introduction to gender inequalities?


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