The New Order: An Updated Unique Star Wars Viewing Order

Another year, and yet another Star Wars movie is upon us. We’re about ten movies deep into the main Star Wars cinematic universe. That’s not even counting the numerous different content including the comics, cartoons, video games and more. Probably the most difficult thing for people to agree on is what the correct viewing order should be for the Star Wars franchise. Some have proposed watching the movies chronologically, in episodic order, or even the now famous “machete order”.  With Solo: A Star Wars Story releasing, it’s time for a more updated and unique Star Wars viewing order.

After recently watching all of the Star Wars movies, I believe that none of those viewing orders truly capture and preserve the true intent and emotional impact of the Star Wars movie franchise. So, I’ve comprised my own unique, and updated viewing order for the Star Wars films. This order was done with newcomers in mind who may have felt apprehensive in jumping into the franchise.

The New Order: Star Wars Viewing Order

What do you think about this new order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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