Let’s talk about Logan

This is not a review. It’s just that… Logan is surprisingly way better than anyone even expected” kinda film.  I can’t help but talk about to any person with ears. You have to understand, I wasn’t blown away by The Wolverine so I didn’t really set my expectations too high for James Mangold’s second attempt. Silver Samurai was weird AF but we got some pretty “Logan in Japan” imagery from the comics. Logan had to fight an uphill battle.

Logan trailer black and whiteAnd then the first few images were released of a grisly old looking Logan and I looked at this movie differently. A while later a few more images and posters were being released and I barely recognized this movie. The rumors were that the new Wolverine movie would adapt the Old Man Logan story and go down into comic awesomeness. That’s partly true. Logan is barely a comic book movie. There’s plenty of Wolverine stabbing and slashing throughout the movie but there’s little to no resemblance to any other X-film that’s come before.

Did I mention the stabbing and slashing? Who can forget seeing the first red band trailer and being treated to this dear gift that keeps on giving. My gosh this movie had me squirming in my seat at a LOT of the brutality in this movie. We’ve seen Wolverine be a bit unhinged and go all stabby on chumps in other movies but this movie does something decidedly different. Something I hadn’t even realized was missing. The cuts. The guts. The blood. Please tell me I’m not the only one who had a WTF moment the first time they saw fresh claw marks on someone’s face. Or knee. Or elbow. Let’s not forget about the gut shots. Or just how natural conversation sounded between the characters when they’re not inhibited by a PG-13 rating.


Professor X. I love you, man. 

Jeezus this movie is brutal. I was mildly concerned when I saw parents ushering their 6 year old kids into the theater with them but by the end I was generally wondering what was going through those kids’ heads. This was hardly a heroic comic book movie. This was hardly a comic book movie at all. And just when they get it juuuuust right we have the gut punch that Jackman is done with the character. Patrick Stewart is leaving the X-men behind too. 


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