Creed Official Trailer

I am a huge fan of the Rocky franchise. If you ask me, they are the best sports films of all time. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I heard about Creed. I went to my fridge for a cold beer and awaited to be amazed … but, sadly I was disappointed. I was ready to rant about how it did not have this, and how it did not have that. Then, I remembered that the movie is called Creed, NOT Rocky. It should have the same characteristics and traits of Rocky, but be a totally different film as a whole. I watched it again without being bias, and I did not hate it as much as before. I am still not a fan, but it showed enough potential for me to look forward to the next trailer. Watch the trailer and share your thoughts.


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Please, just have a bad ass antagonist. That is all I ask for.






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