FINALLY, the Suicide Squad has ASSEMBLED



We finally have our first look at the cast of the Suicide Squad! Yay! Wait.. What is this weird party picture that showcases an inebriated Will Smith? This is not the picture I wanted to see. I wanted to see Will Smith looking like a proper comic book character and maybe some swords or guns or something. Not only is the cast not in costume but Jared Leto is noticeably missing from the photo. Is the Joker taking the picture? Is this Mister J’s idea of a gag? Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s kinda exciting to see them all together, (even moreso considering I never even wanted a Suicide Squad movie), but its kind of a letdown! What else is there to say?


I hope we get more while this movie is filming. They have my attention, let’s see what they do with that. That’s all for now.


SourceDavid Ayer’s Twitter



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