Pierce Brosnan is back shooting things up




Look everyone it’s 007! No, not quite. Pierce Brosnan is back playing with guns and chasing enemy. In this new trailer installment, Brosnan is going back to his roots of what made him a household name. He has no doubt aged since he last donned the tux as James Bond. Clearly, Brosnan has aged since his portrayal of James Bond. It’s much harder to fathom that he would be able to kick back in time and make us believe he is still a cold blooded badass.


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As far as the trailer goes. I like it. Definitely we have seen the protege vs. mentor concept before. The ex-CIA spy thrillers. I like the fact it’s not all Brosnan, having a young guy under his wing does make things more entertaining. Safe to assume one of them goes rogue, now we shall see which one. Brosnan would seem like the likelier of the two based on him being the older one. Lots of shooting and explosions in the trailer, which is kinda expected. Not sure how I feel about the slow-mo shootouts in the air, too Angelian Jolie Wanted-esque. I’m fairly interested how this movie will play out, hoping for a solid action flick. Has a chance to be really good, or fall flat on it’s face. On a side note, the trailer music the whole “Ready or not, here I come” meshes well with the action in the trailer. Hope they include that full soundtrack in the film. Ready or not, November Man is coming soon to theaters near you!


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