Bryan Singer teases a portion of the X-Men Apocalypse script

[Source: Deadline]

X-Men Days of Future Past is just now winding down and Director Bryan Singer is already teasing the next film to come. In an Instagram post today, Bryan Singer teased the first act of the film X-Men: Apocalypse. There’s not much to the photo but it is easy to deduce that the film will begin right where the after credits scene began in Days of Future Past.


The main things to note from the photo are the words ‘Nile’, ‘battle’, and of course ‘The Four Horsemen’. The Nile describes the setting from which we are familiar from the last film. The battle is rather ambiguous and can mean anything from an Egyptian uprising to full on mutant versus mutant chaos. The mention of The Four Horsemen is rather exciting because this confirms Apocalypse’s notorious minions will be in the film and could be a variety of characters. I hope we get some more media on this film soon, I am anxiously awaiting!


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