Wow, a Giant wrecked this parking lot in Mississauga



We’re getting reports that there’s been some sort of unidentified chaotic disturbance emanating from the Playdium out in Mississauga, Canada where witnesses have discovered what appear to be giant footprints. Parked vehicles were scattered about the lot, no longer in their original spots, but there are no casualties being reported at this time.


All evidence indicates GIANTS have arrived as four massive footprints were discovered onsite causing potentially thousands of dollars in property damage. Since the discovery, the area has been taped-off but that hasn’t stopped crowds from gathering around the baffling scene of unidentified footprints, multiple overturned and squished cars, and a crumbled parking lot!


Authorities are asking witnesses to tweet their photos to @WBPicturesCan with the tag #GIANTinvasion


You have been warned. Jack the Giant Slayer arrives in theaters on March 1st!


Source: Warner Bros.



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