The Griswalds are headed back to Wally World


I’ve got an interest in the upcoming Family Vacation sequel for nostalgic reasons and because I’m a bit of an Ed Helms supporter.  He seems like a neat guy and gives the impression of a great fit as  the new Rusty Griswald.  I’d like to see Chevy Chase come back and have a large enough presence in the film to make the transition smooth for Helms but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


anyway, according to the guys over at Crave online it appears that Rusty has every intention of re-creating the magic that he experienced as a boy with his own family and take a road trip out to Wally World.


“It’s another road trip back to Wally World, Daley said. “He realized that his original trip to Wally World brought the family, the Griswold family, closer together and he kind of chose to forget about the horrible moments along the way and decides that what his family needs is some bonding time and wants to take them back on the road again. Safe to say the road to Wally World has not gotten any easier.”

Going back to the destination of the original Vacation is both reassuring, and risky. The writers felt there was new ground to be mined from returning to Wally World. “I think it was always part of our intention,” Goldstein said. “We felt like in continuing a franchise like this, there’s a certain amount of homage you have to pay to the original but we also wanted to make this very much its own movie that can stand on its own. So we chose our favorite elements from the original and then used that as a springboard. I think people have an affection for the whole Wally World component of the story.”

Rusty’s family vacation couldn’t play the same beats if it wanted to, because Daley and Goldstein changed his family dynamic. “As opposed to going along with the same family structure as the first one with a brother and sister, now Rusty and his wife Debbie have two boys with their own very unique dynamic,” Daley said.


I wouldn’t have guessed that this would be the approach but I like what I am reading. The first family vacation set the bar for the rest of the franchise with all sorts of hilarious adventures spinning from the first.  If this is truly the first film in a revived franchise than this may be one of those exceptions where its actually accepted and appreciable to retread and re-create the original film.  Since these are all just ideas rather than something thats tangible I’m not going to hold my breath while waiting to see Ed Helms in this role. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything concrete comes my way.


Source: Crave Online



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