Logan looks pissed in this new image for The Wolverine

Somehow the guys over at Fox have forgotten to delete me from their mailing list due to my incessant remarks about how great they’re doing lately news-wise and as a result of this wonderful oversight I got a new image from The Wolverine production showcasing none other than Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine.



Keep in mind that this is the same guy who did a song and dance at last nights’ Oscars show.  Somehow I have to wash away those memories and see the world’s best killing machine in this guy for the coming months.


Yeah, that’ll happen.


Source: Fox



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  • JamesM

    Gotta give the guy props for being able to pull off what does – I’m having trouble thinking someone else to compare him to.

  • He can really go from bad ass to broadway pretty quickly. Awesome

  • askburn

    i like wolverinee thanksss