Liam Neeson will find and kill in Taken 3



I wasn’t fond of taken 2 and yet somehow th emovie went on to gross over $370 million world wide all but ensure the idea of a third film. Listen, the idea of a one off film with a great story isn’t terrible. Sometimes a single film is more than enough to generate some long term fandom and make itself more popular than originally thought possible. That idea has all but escaped modern cinema and this third film is coming no matter how badly the 2nd film diminished the first. That beiung said:


Get ready for a third installment ofTaken, the franchise launched by EuropaCorp’sLuc Besson and released by 20th Century Fox. I’m told that Liam Neeson is closing a deal in the vicinity of $20 million to reprise his role as Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent who used his brutal skills after his daughter was kidnapped in France to be sold into sex slavery. Neeson was a reluctant participant in the first sequel but got paid in the $15 million neighborhood. Now I hear he’s getting another raise, and that EuropaCorp is planning to start production in February.


Next will come the effort to make deals with Maggie Grace, who played his daughter in the first two films, and Famke Janssen, who played his ex-wife.


For  the sake of the first film, I’m hoping this third one ends up being good.


Source: Deadline



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