Justice Leagure War trailer



I’ve been a fan of what Geoff Johns has put together with DC’s new 52 and I wondered if the prior film involving the Flashpoint storyline would lead to a rebooted animated universe and it seems that’s exactly the case. Justice League War is an adaptation of the original storyline crafted by Johns and artist Jim Lee to introduce the world to the new DC comics. They seem to have taken a couple of liberties with the adaptation and added SHAZAM and kept out the Martian Manhunter but overall it seems pretty interesting.



To my understanding most of the voice actors that we’ve known and loved have chosen to hang it up. No more Kevin Conroy as Batman so my ears are going to critique every octave uttered by this new guy. Seeing the characters in this new-ish art style with new voices and everything might be the perfect starting point for those who haven’t indulged in the DC animated movies, with a story featuring all the heavy hitters in a formulaic but appreciable approach. Kinda. Let me know what you think of the trailer in the comics. I miss Kevin Conroy but maybe this new voice will grow on me. We’ll see…


Source: Jim Lee’s facebook page



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