Finally, the FULL Iron Man 3 character poster featuring Don Cheadle’s War Machine

Yesterday I voiced my opinion about a “teaser poster”.  I pray to the bob’s that this doesn’t become a popular trend and gets the infamous treatment it deserves right next to countdown timers.  Anyway, Disney released the full Iron Man 3 poster to like every site but ours but I went ahead and did the legwork to find this poster over at Latino Review.



That’s a damn good poster.  I like this poster a lot and this time they actually drummed up some more excitement and interest from this blogger.  Don Cheadle looks mighty comfortable in that armor and this poster makes one wonder if we’ll soon be ready to see his character in a standalone film anytime soon.  Hmmm….


Source: Latino Review



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  • JamesM

    Pretty cool – I don’t see much point in a stand alone War Machine movie though.