Are you excited for the Next Bond movie?

There’s a  lot that can be siad about the recently refreshed James Bond franchise, with most of us in agreement that what Daniel Craig has done for Bond is like what Obama has done for America. Everyone was apprehensively excited at first, and it kinda works, but there’s a split down the middle for and against the direction of things. I loved Casino Royale, Enjoyed Quantum of Solace, but was only lukewarm to the story within Skyfall. Regardless of my opinion the film went on to be extremely profitable prompting the producers to court Sam Mendes to return to the franchise for another outing with Daniel Craig. With the new ‘Bond 24’ currently shrouded in secrecy there’s not really a lot to go on as far as trying to predict what we may see. There’s a few clues here and there that prompted Ladbrokes Casino to commission these images inspired from what little they know.


check out these images:



We commissioned a set of teaser posters imagined by five different illustrators based on the rumour and speculation around the film – they also include some classic Bond nods we all know and love – casinos, girls and cars!

Daniel White


It’d be kinda cool, to me anyway, if they found a way to bring back the excitement of gambling back as I found the entire act of Casino Royale that took place in the casino the most enjoyable moments from the franchise since Craig came on board. The image by Natalie Otter, in this set, is my favorite and makes me want to re-watch Casino Royale to get re-exposed to that awesomeness, but with the way that Skyfall ended seeming to start with the familiar while forging new paths seem like they left the door wide open for any direction they may want to take the series. Hell, they could just revisit ideas and themes from previously made films and add some new ideas and modernization to make things more interesting.


I hope they go that route as there’s a bunch of Bond villains that I think today’s stars could revitalize, a-la Cumberbatch/Khan, and make things interesting again. I’m sure the next film will be entertaining, maybe not as much to me as the Martin Campbell film, but entertaining nonetheless.


What do you think will happen in the next film? Any rumors out there that catch your attention?





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