June Squibb in Nebraska: The Funniest Woman in ANY Movie This Year



Comedic actresses usually have a challenging time rising above their male counterparts especially in such a male dominated industry. In mainstream comedies they typically use their bodies to seduce (Jennifer Aniston) or for self-deprecation (Melissa McCarthy) to garner laughs. Sometime intellect is viewed as sexy (Tina Fey or Lake Bell). Old fashioned comics used real life situations and had pitch perfect comedic delivery. With this being said, June Squibb in Nebraska was the funniest female performance of any movie I watched this year. Here is a quick featurette Paramount Vantage put together showing off some of June Squibb’s off color moments:




One of the best movies of 2013, Alexander Payne’s Nebraska is a slice of father-son Americana yet has such a domineering female presence. Even though it is in black and white, it paints a colorful picture of small town Middle America. This sentimental and sarcastic portrait of the modern, aging family showcases how they relate to one another. As Kate Grant, June Squibb steals every second in every scene she is in as the feisty, loud mouth wife of Bruce Dern’s character Woody Grant and mother of Will Forte’s character David Grant. She realistically captures the anxiety filled housewives who “tell it like how it is.” In a season of serious award contenders, I hope she is a major contender for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar if not for the big win. Strongly consider seeking this movie out during the Holiday Season!



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