Top Ben Affleck films

Considering the fact that Runner Runner didn’t have the runaway favorable response from critics some hoped to see, and there’s still a sense of apprehension with Ben Affleck portraying the Dark Knight, it seems there’s no better time to reflect on the mans accolades. Despite what the guys who make Family Guy think, Ben Affleck has made quite an impact in Hollywood over the years while also producing some really good performances. In the last year Ben Affleck has gone from Hollywood movie star to a Critically-acclaimed phenomenon that has seen him nominated for pretty much every award in show-business. And with a fine back catalogue to choose from, we run down the top 5 Ben Affleck films.

5. Hollywoodland

As many people have been quick to point out, Affleck will become the first actor to play both Superman and Batman when he takes up the role of the Caped Crusader later this year.

The screenplay explores the complex life and mystery surrounding the death of George Reeves, the man who first brought Superman to life in the 50’s. Telling the tale of a Los Angeles Private Investigator delving into the supposed suicide of Reeves, Affleck plays a stunning role as the victim in question.


4. Runner Runner

Perfectly cast as a smooth-talking offshore poker tycoon, Ivan Block, Affleck stars in this smart sophisticated look into the murky world of unlicensed gambling.

And it’s no surprise Affleck fit seamlessly into the role. An avid poker player himself, Affleck is known to be a regular in the Hollywood cash games, pitting himself against Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and has even squared up against the pros, including Full Tilt Professional Tom Dwan.


3. The Town

A film that arguably secured his reputation as a talent both on screen and in the director’s chair. Playing veteran thief Doug MacRay, The Town focuses on the emotions behind a life of crime as MaCray tries to balance his feelings for a bank manager connected to a previous job whilst planning for the next.






2. Good Will Hunting.

A far cry from the actor we see today, Good Will Hunting was the film that brought the Oscar-winning Affleck to national attention. Written by and starring alongside Matt Damon, the pair received an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and grossed over $225 million on a modest $10 million budget.





The dramatization of the 1980 CIA operation to rescue six US citizens from Iran in the midst of the chaotic Iran Hostage Crisis, Argo is easily the defining moment in Affleck’s career.

A travesty he was snubbed for the Best Director at the Oscars, Argo picked up a number of gongs and sees Affleck star as Tony Mendez, an agent who staged a fake production of a sci-fi movie called Argo to rescue the Americans out of the country.