How to Make a Looper style Blunderbuss Gun


Rian Johnson’s Looper was a success in a lot of ways.  Not only did it propel Bruce Willis’ and  JGL’ dominance last summer, it also introduced a lot of cool time travel concepts and ideas.  One uniquely identifiable piece of work that was highlighted throughout the film and its promotional materials was the Loopers’ unique Blunderbuss gun.  The gun itself became pretty popular online prompting all sorts of video game mods to include the weapon, as well as clever cosplayers creating their own and risking arrest while posing. Fun stuff.


Some of you have wondered: Can’t I just make one? or hire someone to make one for me? I’ve wondered these same thoughts myself and finally the internetz have answered our requests with the following video of a “professional” home made Blunderbuss gun being forged. If you follow along, you can make one too! Check it out:



Hmmm. How does a lighter fire bullets? Regardless, I’m gonna go get me some material! That’s all for now…







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