Paramount just sent us a new Star Trek Into Darkness poster and it’s kinda… bleak

Shit hits the fan.  Why not use this a vehicle for creating a sequel and J.J. Abrams has hinted that this was the direction for the next Star Trek film in a myriad of ways.  Bigger, Better, and more ‘splosions is the motto but what does it all really mean? No idea but to add fuel to the speculative fire is this new poster that Paramount just premiered on Apple’s website that shows things are pretty f’d up for the U.S.S. Enterprise.



I love it. Trekkies know that the destruction of the Enterprise is not a foreign concept and actually happened a lot more than most people relized. The fact that they’re bringing this meme into the next film is a nod to that and I like the little easter eggs, like this, hidden in plain sight. Other than that, there’s still nothing terribly interesting or revealing about this poster other than a release date. I’m moving on, that’s all for now…


Source: Apple via Paramount Pictures



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