A Ninja Turtles cast is found?


Now the internet is learning the names behind the moves in the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie as Deadline is reporting the following:


…I broke that Paramount Pictures had set The Hunger Games: Catching Fire newcomer Alan Ritchson to play Raphael in the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Allow me to lift the shell off who’ll be playing the other three turtles. I’m told that Pete Ploszek will play Leonardo, Jeremy Howard will play Donatello and Noel Fisher will play Michaelangelo in the Jonathan Liebesman-directed film…


I’m going to reach out to my contacts over at Paramount for confirmation but Deadline tends to be pretty reliable so let’s run with that for now. So, who the hell are these guys?

Alan Ritchson here is our new Raphael. His most notable appearance? The Hunger Games, and a stint in tv show Blue Mountain State. He’s our Raphael.

Pete Ploszek here has appeared on TV’s Shameless, Community and is a former running back for the Princeton Tigers. He’s our Leonardo.


Jeremy Howard here has a history in the film biz as old as “Saved By The Bell: The New Class”, but also includes Breaking Bad and Grey’s Anatomy. He’s our Donatello.


And Noel Fisher rounds out the cast as our Michaelangelo. He also has a very long history in the film biz with standouts that include The Riches, Law and Order SVU, Twilight, TV’s Hatfields and McCoys, and Shameless.


The idea of casting a bunch of unknowns isn’t all that surprising considering the fact that the turtles themselves will be CGI’d in place and these actors will reportedly be used for motion capture purposes.


Also of interesting note is that every once in a while we receive a random tip by a supposed reader and the damn thing turns out to be true. Along with this news we received a link to a twitter post by Nick Bateman that states that the Ninja Turtles film will be directed by Transformers director Michael Bay himself. The twitter post was posted way back on February 23rd and is below:


Either he hasn’t heard about the whole Jonathan Liebesman thing or…?
The tip also came with the following YouTube clips of actor Nick Bateman wielding a Bo:

And and Appearance on ET:

We’re not approving or disproving anything yet, but we’ll keep you guys posted.
Source: Deadline, TMB Tips


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