Poster: Mental starring Liev Schriber



Man, Schrieber is rocking his Sabretooth beard and reminding me that we need to see the return of Victor in that James Mangold film.  He was easily the best thing about that first Wolerine movie and deserves to make a return or at least a cameo… That’s all I got.  I know little about this film other than there might be some comedy sprinkled throughout. Let’s see what the synopsis says:


he Moochmore girls are all certain they suffer from some sort of mental illness, because if they’re not crazy they’re just unpopular. The combination of Shirley’s five rambunctious daughters and her philandering husband Barry becomes too much for her to bear and she is committed to a mental institution.

Barry, a small time politician is left to take care of five girls who he barely knows. Overwhelmed, he impulsively picks up Shaz, a colorful hitchhiker on the side of the road, and installs her as the girls’ nanny. Shaz is charismatic, hot tempered, inspiring, and completely nuts. However she proves to be exactly what the Moochmore family needs.


Idunno about this.  It COULD be fun or it could be boring. I need to see a clip, so I’ll reach out to the studio and let you guys know.  That’s all for now…





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