The Return of James Bond’s’ Aston Martin DB5


James Bond has been known for many things throughout the years. Women, gadgets, incredible success with women, guns, the ladies… oh, and his cars. He’s always had some cool cars. This film is no different. In fact it’s downright familiar as Skyfall will feature the Aston Martin DB5 and the filmmakers have released a little behind the scenes clip with the astonishing machinery.






Via: Dark Horizons

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  • Nobody

    So many typos in the articles these days. How long does it take to give it a quick read over?

    • I ran the text in this article through 3 different spell checks. mind helping me by pointing out the issue?

      • Nobody

         @Anthony_TMB “it’s downright familiar as Skyfall fill feature the Aston Martin DB5”
        Gotta do more than spellcheck. Gotta read it. If you’ve got a volunteer staff of more than one person, as you guys seem to, it’s best if the person who proofs a post isn’t the person who wrote it.
        If you go through the last dozen posts to this site there’s a heaping handful of these. Just saying.