The Dark Knight Rises: Batman, Bane, and Catwoman in toy form

The obligatory toy line tie-in for the Dark Knight Rises is coming and today we finally have a first look at the upcoming line of prestigious dolls errr action figures drom DC Direct.

Via: Coming Soon and Idle Hands.

Did McFarlane have a hand in this? These look pretty darn cheeky… errr good! Pick out your favorite and I’ll pick mine while I shop for a new desk that can withstand the weight of my dream toy collection, and somehow maintain space for menial things like a monitor and keyboard.

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  • jackobsbrandon
    The Dark Knight Rises will be going to break the records

  • a very interesting toy to be collected… :)

  • Wow, I will definitely be getting the Cat Woman action figure. Great post and Thank you for sharing this.

  • mh17m3

    they look great..nice butt on catwoman the last 2 pics ;)

    • Sam

      I’ll second that!