Skyfall: The Digger vs. the Train

You know I’ve been enjoying everything that I’ve seen thus far from this Skyfall film and I just finally watched this latest clip that was uploaded to the internet showing our favorite super spy taking on a train. With a digger. While the digger is ON the train. Word.


I really like that. That little thing with his cuffs? badass. I’ll see what else I can find…

Via: JoBlo

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  • IMO much better than the ‘classic’ Bond films, with the exception of Quantum of Solace. Sean Connery did indeed define Bond with his charismatic performances, but I find the whole classic Bond equation of ‘I’ll capture you and tell you my plan’ a bit daft and there’s a reason it’s been the subject of a lot of parodies. It’s not even like the films were supposed to be family-friendly, what with old-school Bond’s rampant sexism.