Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’ launches a website for the Republic of Wadiya

So far I’m on the fence with Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film entitled ‘The Dictator’. Some of what I have seen has managed to make me laugh but the trailer was a little “hit or miss” with me with too much “miss”. Today is different. Today General Aladeen and Paramount Pictures have released an official site for the ruler of Wadiya and his country.

Source: Rama’s Screen

Sacha Baron Cohen‘s character in THE DICTATOR, General Aladeen is the ruler of Republic of Wadiya and Paramount has launched an entire website dedicated to this hilarious faux nation
REPUBLIC OF WADIYA’s official site is WWW.REPUBLICOFWADIYA.COM and if you go there, you’d notice their writing which is sorta more or less a spoof of Middle-eastern language
And on the left hand side/the sidebar of the page, some of the links lead to websites about other authoritarian countries including North Korea.

Go this site NOW. There’s little on it that’s not outright hilarious. I will warn you that if you’re in an environment in which chuckling, laughing, or loud disturbances in general are not acceptable then you may want to wait until you get home where you can read in peace and without restraint.

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  • the trailer is pretty funny… and i guess mr borat or sasha… what ever is going into holly wood now.,… deep holy wood