Posters: Skyfall’s domestic and character posters


I feel like we havent talked enough about SKyfall in recent memory and thankfully these new posters appeared to give me an excuse to put in my 2 bits. Daniel Craig is back as Bond. We know that. Did you know that the guy signed on to reprise the role in another 2 films after? Forgive my ignorance, but would that be a record? How many films has Connery played the role?



Far too often I see actors get a tentpole character that helps keep them relevant and then for some dumb reason or another they abandon the role thinking they’ve outgrown the character and fade into obscurity as they try to “find themselves” with smaller arthouse flicks and failing to get involved with other properties, (I’m talking about your Pierce Brosnan and Christian Bale better pay attention too!).  Daniel Craig may be taking the wise decision by sticking with these characters to re-enforce his staying power in Hollywood. When he’s not Bond I don’t know what the hell he does and the Dragon Tattoo was probably the only memorable film I can remember him getting involved with. The Golden Compass? Dreamhouse? I had to wiki those. Ralph Fiennes is smart for getting onboard too cus the Harry Potter ship has sailed.


Oh yeah! The posters! Check out these character posters of Fiennes and Marlohe in the gallery below!



Ok, now that I’m back from my tangent I think the posters look… meh? plain? not exciting? I wouldn’t look at this and say “take my money, please” so I’ll call those character banners a “fail”. The main poster? That’s badass but I’ve already seen it when they used it with the international promos. I’m moving on for now but this was a fun trek. Skyfall comes out later this year so this won’t be the last time we discuss this one.


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