New Red Band Trailer for 21 Jump Street

Growing up in the late 80’s I have vivid memories of this show, being only 8-10 at the time it aired I was not an avid viewer, at best I remember bits and pieces. But what I do remember is the theme song in particular the end “21 Jump streeeeeeeeet”, so deeply planted in my mind has this 6 second long tune been that I could at any point in my life belt it out however horribly. When this movie started making the rounds my mortal enemy convinced me to sit and watch the old show 5 entire episodes. Damn you past-Erik, damn you to hell. With the show being quite old the younger viewers will not have seen or even know about the “original” and that is perfectly fine.

Before you watch the trailer I should probably say that it’s nearly 5 minutes long, it is so crammed full of jokes that I wonder if there’s anything left for the movie. Jonah Hill is funny he may get type cast but I really don’t mind his movies are still if not great at the very least good to the point of entertaining.

 Source: The always awesome TrailerAddict

The ManMane - Engulfed in awesome

Am I the only one who want’s to see Doug Penhall fight McGyver in a Higherlander-style showdown… There can be only one!

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