Let’s check out one more TV spot for The Hobbit


There has  been so many different clips, snippets, trailers, and TV spots for The Hobbit floating around that I think we all  got overwhelmed.  Seriously, there have been few films that I’ve been drowned in or felt were so pervasive in my television life as much as The Hobbit. Let’s take a look at the 12th TV spot for the Hobbit and see how it compares to others:



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  • Gagan S

    We welcome back Peter Jackson as he returns to the Shire from his ten year hiatus. We’ve had to endure countless Harry Potter and Twilight movies to be at a point where we can look forward to a deeply rich and well thought out beginning to a much loved trilogy. While we get reacquainted with the lush and vast green rolling hills of the well kept village we get comfortable as we sit back and try to take in all that we didn’t actually know. Having now 37 years of experience the audience is well aware that they are now in Jackson’s good hands as he will now have us depart from bad experiences of other new releases such as “Movie 43” and “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” and redirect our attention to our friends in Bag End. This fantastical journey introduced a variety of characters and concepts that were foreign to the movie going audience; whereas, the book readers benefited and were rewarded for their time by gaining the insight required to fully grasp and digest the busyness of this feature film. The movie going audience is compensated by watching Andrew Lesnie’s first attempt at 3D’ing this franchise. This cinematography requires the eye to adjust to the speed of the frames with the intense 3-D features, but just as Jackson quoted “It’s literally a new experience, but you know, that doesn’t last the entire experience of the film — not by any stretch, [just] 10 minutes or so…you settle into it.”
    As the story begins to unfold it fails to air out the confusion as to how or why Bilbo (Martin Freeman) was chosen or what caused him to accept this quest. It happens to be unveiled that Gandalf (Ian McKellen) believed that a hobbit would be necessary for this adventure, having a title as bold as “The Hobbit” I’m guilty of expecting an answer that goes deeper than Bilbo happens to be a hobbit.
    So it appears that Jackson must have spent his decade long holiday enjoying multiple seasons of Glee as I was not prepared that we were watching a musical. This bizarre element of a range of singing characters beyond the hobbits is new to the trilogy and to Jacksons past work. Is singing the new fix? I can’t help but wonder if in the next 2 Hobbits’ if we will be allowed to vote off Bilbo, all we can do now is wait and see.

  • MichaelBerrard

    I wonder if The Hobbit is going to play this theater: http://imgur.com/a/zVlsK ? This would be a really cool theater to see this film in which will soon become classic!