Legit or Bullshit: Is this our Ant-Man teaser poster?

This may or may not be legit. It’s either tasteful early marketing or a rambunctious fan with some decent photoshop skills. I can’t call it so I’m going to leave it to you, the experts to tell me what I should believe. Is this Edgar Wrights early introduction of our favorite Pym or is this some cruel snide trick for some hopeful photoshopper.


Legit or Bullshit: Is this our Ant-Man poster?



Via: Live For Films




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    •  @epicresearch3 you look like a bot to me….

  • methos1984

    This screams out “fan made” to me.

  • KevinC1

    BS… cool, but BS

  • isaiah

    clearly i think its photoshopped, he missed coloring in some spots around the corners of ant man