Jamie Foxx as Electro in the next Spider-Man…WTF?!?!


Wearing an Electro costume for Halloween, Jamie Foxx tweeted the comment, “Costume fits well.” This led to the discovery that Foxx is in preliminary negotiations to be cast as Max Dillon AKA Electro in the next Spider-Man film.


In a conceivably shocking development*, Jamie Foxx is in preliminary negotiations to take on the role of the villain Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, EW has confirmed. “Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night,” Foxx tweeted out this afternoon. “Costume fits well.” (*Apologies for the pun.) Variety first broke the news.

Via: EW


After this news broke, Anthony and I began a discussion about it. Although I was a bit more optimistic about Foxx in the role, Anthony made some good points as to how Foxx would fit in the role. As I cited “Ray” as a reference for Foxx’s abilities, Anthony cited the numerous other poor choices Foxx had made such as “Stealth” and “Due Date.” Foxx does seem to shine in more comedic roles and Electro was not a comic relief villain. Do I think that Foxx is the best for the role? No I don’t. Do I think that he fits the role? No I don’t. Regardless of my opinion, I find it difficult to make a judgement on an actor’s portrayal of a character. I will say that I agree with Anthony and I just don’t know how well Foxx will do as Electro, he just doesn’t seem to fit the profile. I understand that sometimes directors like to take creative liberties with films but with comic films you essentially have a storyboard already laid out for you. The characters work the way they are, that’s why comic films are so popular, people get to see the heroes they grew up reading about on the big screen. Foxx is going to be a tough sell for Electro, but I want this film to work so I’m trying my best to be optimistic.

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  • Jordan77

    If all Anthony can think about is Stealth and Due Date, I think he’s being rather selective.  I have no qualms about Jamie Foxx doing this role.  He’s had a pretty diverse career, with some decent performances.  And he’s certainly been in other serious fare than Ray, such that there should be no doubt he can pull it off.  I think of the characters in Collateral, Miami Vice, Ali, Law Abiding Citizen, Jarhead, The Kingdom.  Whatever one may think of the movies themselves, the point is they weren’t comedic in nature and Foxx did fine in them.  I think it’s mischaracterizing his career or not being all that familiar with it to suggest that unless it’s a comic relief villain, he’s going to struggle with it.

    • @Jordan77 Well I didn’t post the entire conversation we had, just some points that came to mind. I agree that Foxx has given some good performances but it doesn’t deny the fact that I find it difficult to see him in the role.

    • @Jordan77 if it helps, I was being selective and mostly kidding.

  • nathaniel

    then who was that during the credit scene? Connor’s other half? guess the speculation of it being electro is out the window

  • PatE

    I feel like it will either be good or horrendous. No in between.

    • Agreed. When I heard the news I pictured him as MotherFucker Jones, (horrible bosses), with an extension cord or something.