Check out this sneak peak at a featurette about Batmobiles for “The Dark Knight Rises” Bluray

Just because the movie hasn’t hit theaters yet doesn’t mean that it’s too soon to thinking about the eventual home release and the fine folks at Warner Bros have released this snippet of a leatherette that’s going to be on the blue-lasered disc when you insert it into your player. Take a look!

I would love to drive or even own any one of those cars. Any ONE. Even the Shumacher Batmobile would get me the attention I’d like when pulling in front of my favorite bar once I make those wings flap. Where’s the care from Batman TAS? Mask of the Phantasm was a bonafide theatrical release too! Which would be your dream car?

Via: Movieweb

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  • Lawrence

    I’d take the Batman Begins’ Tumbler over the other Batmobile versions anyday.