Check our Russell Crowe in Aranofsky’s ‘Noah’


In what appears to be a lightning fast trek to production after getting grenlit we have our first look at Darren Aranosky’s star in his upcoming film ‘Noah’. The movie isn’t expected to be released into theaters for a couple of years but we get to see the face of the man that saved 2 of every creature from now. Ooooooh


That’s sort of a tiny and lame look. He looks haggard and rocks the vagrant look as well as he can but it’s just a shot of Crowe staring off camera. What can one do with this photo? I have an idea…

Look at the above picture of Noah. Consider his face. Look into his eyes. What is he thinking about?

Via: Screen Junkies

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  • dogbone

    where the hell did i put those unicorns?

  • isaiah

    “was that tree always there”