Alice in Wasteland: New Resident Evil Banner

A new banner has been released by Screen Gems to once again remind us that Alice is returning to the big screen this September in another Resident Evil film release. This new banner even comes with its own tagline to commemorate the occasion and show us…. wholly crap she sank a sub!



Not incredibly unique and somehow makes my mind wander to some of the promotion for this summers’ film “Battleship” but I can see this as an eyecatcher while hanging from the ceiling at my local theater. Is she walking on water? Is Alice biblical now???


Learn something new every day.


Via: Whatculture

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  • elvia

    I have this poster for sale on Craigslist

  • Rictorhell

    I think Milla is hot and I honestly can’t get enough of her, period.  If they want to release a new poster featuring her, once a week, until the movie’s released, sign me up :)